Orchids Of Asia Day Spa Founder Cindy Yang Previously Spotted With Several Republican Politicians

Li “Cindy” Yang, who founded the Orchids of Asia Day Spa where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was busted for alleged solicitation of prostitution, has been photographed with several prominent members of Florida’s Republican Party, The Miami New Times is reporting.

In late February, as reported at the time by The Inquisitr, police in Jupiter, Florida, issued an arrest warrant for Kraft, as well as several other men, after a months-long investigation revealed that the “spa” was actually a front for prostitution, and even possibly human trafficking (although the human-trafficking charges failed to stick), and that Kraft was allegedly one of its patrons.

Over the following couple of weeks, the story began to get bigger. Already it was known that Kraft, though a Democrat, was a longtime friend of Donald Trump. Trump, for his part, said he was “sad” and “surprised” by the news, according to this Inquisitr report. Then another prominent Republican’s name came up in the narrative, that of billionaire Republican donor and Trump supporter Bill Childs, who was also charged in the same prostitution sting, as reported by The Inquisitr.

And then on Friday, as reported by The Inquisitr, a photo surfaced of none other than Trump himself attending a Super Bowl party at his Mar-a-Lago resort posing with Yang.

At this point, it bears noting that Yang no longer owns Orchids of Asia, having sold it “long ago,” according to the New Times. But she does own at least one other spa chain, Tokyo Day Spa, which has itself been linked to prostitution and human trafficking.

Anyway, it seems that Donald Trump isn’t the only prominent Republican to have been photographed with the businesswoman. Several big names in the Florida GOP have been photographed with her as well.

For example, here she is with Florida U.S. Representative Matt Gaetz.


And here she is with then-Governor Rick Scott.

And here she poses with current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

It’s not just Florida Republicans who have been photographed with Yang. Here she appears with Fox News commentator Dan Bongino.

And this collage shows photos of her with Trump’s sons, Don Jr. and Eric.

There is no evidence to suggest, as of this writing, that any of these men are connected to the alleged crimes associated with Orchids of Asia or Tokyo Day Spa. As Miami New Times writer Jerry Iannelli notes, Lang has donated handsomely to Republicans and to the Republican Party, and as such, has access to parties and other events where such politicians and pundits are likely to be.

“She donated tons of money to Republicans, who then hung out with her.”

Further, it bears noting that all of these photos were taken before Bob Kraft was arrested for alleged solicitation of prostitution at the spa.