Wendy Williams Finally Weighs In On Intense R. Kelly Interview After Previously Defending The Singer

Meaghan Ellis

Wendy Williams has been a longtime friend and supporter of R. Kelly. Through it all, she's fiercely defended the Grammy-Award-winning singer and, at one time, Wendy even suggested that the alleged victims were to blame for their involvement with him. Now, Wendy Williams is speaking out about R. Kelly's latest appearance on CBS This Morning with Gayle King and she, too, has garnered quite a reaction from fans.

According to Celebrity Insider, Wendy Williams is still on the fence when it comes to R. Kelly. Despite seeing the singer's alarming behavior during the explosive interview, Wendy has a personal relationship with R. Kelly. So her perception remains different from that of most people.

Following the release of the first interview clip on yesterday, CBS turned lots of heads so Wendy Williams decided to address the situation on The Wendy Williams Show. Although Wendy is still supportive of the troubled singer, she did admit that he is a "sick man."

Wendy Williams went on to share brief details about her background with R. Kelly, revealing they've been friends since her time on the radio. Over the years, Wendy has felt a number of different emotions in response to the ongoing controversy surrounding R. Kelly. Instead of seeing him as a guilty criminal, Wendy admitted she now feels sorry for him because the interview shed light on a side of R. Kelly that others have not seen.

"At this point, R. Kelly has got nothing to lose. He is a sick man. You know I have been around for a really long time… the radio days — I went from finding him hella guilty, to just guilty and then feeling very sorry for him and wanting for him to get help," Wendy told her audience.

Check out Wendy's Hot Topics segment below.

"His help is not behind bars. I do not know where his help is… This is not just Robert Kelly; this is a whole stable of people that he had involved… It is not just R. Kelly, it is going around our country… This is terrible."