Colton Underwood Teases ‘Bachelor’ Finale Spoilers: ‘The Story Goes On’

Viewers were left with a major cliffhanger at the end of Monday’s episode of The Bachelor. Spoilers tease that the two-night finale will be epic, and Colton Underwood is sharing a few tantalizing tidbits about what’s on the way.

The last that Bachelor viewers saw of Colton, he’d jumped over a gate and walked away from filming. Cassie Randolph, the women he’d just professed his love for, had quit the show — and was riding away from where the two were supposed to have their overnight fantasy suite date. Despite all of that, Underwood teased via Us Weekly that he will be back — and will try to determine what comes next.

“You see that, obviously, the story goes on and the show goes on and I think that I had a realization, ‘Life is not fair’ to myself.”

Colton explains that he does sit down and talk with host Chris Harrison for quite some time after he returns, and that this conversation was apparently quite helpful to him. In addition to that, The Bachelor spoilers share that Underwood will get a chance to talk with his dad about all of this.

Talking to his family, and especially his father, helps Colton determine that he owes it to the women involved — as well as to himself — to keep moving forward with this experience, to see where it leads. Underwood told E! Online that at the time of the jump, he needed some time by himself to sit in that moment and process things as he tried to figure out what to do next.

Naturally, Colton couldn’t share anything too specific about what comes during the two-night finale. He acknowledges that there’s a lot more on the way, with some very important conversations needing to take place. The Bachelor spoilers have teased that there are still shocking twists and turns to come, but by the end of Tuesday night, viewers will know where everybody stands on everything.

Underwood has previously said that he’s a happy man now, and he’s seemed positive about the experience he had on the show overall. The Bachelor spoilers have hinted that viewers may not have seen the last of Cassie yet — and Colton still has to decide what to do about his remaining two ladies, Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin.

Will The Bachelor spoilers that are swirling around about Colton Underwood’s ending be accurate? Will there be a happy ending for him, after the drama that played out in Portugal with Cassie Randolph? The action continues on Monday, March 11, and will wrap up on Tuesday, March 12 — and fans cannot wait to watch these final hours of the season.