Demi Lovato’s Mom Was Reason She Split With Boyfriend Henri Levy According To ‘Radar Online’

Ari PerilsteinGetty Images

More details are coming to light regarding Demi Lovato’s split with her fashion designer boyfriend, Henri Levy.

According to Radar Online, Demi’s family — especially her mom, Dianna Hart — were instrumental in cutting him out of her life once and for all. At first, Demi was stubborn with people who were telling her how to handle her love life, but she has since circled back. She is reportedly now listening to her family’s advice, especially since who she is dating could also affect her sobriety.

“Demi is no fool and she knew that if he weren’t gone that she would go down the sunken path again,” an insider shared, before revealing that Lovato’s family was “100 percent responsible” for the split.

After nearly dying from an overdose this past summer, Lovato went to rehab for a few months. She would then return home to the Los Angeles area, where she immediately started to see Levy — who has also had a troubled past with drugs and alcohol. From the very start, it was reported that Lovato’s family wasn’t too keen on the pair seeing each other, as they didn’t think Henri was a good influence on her. Now, they’re happy that Demi isn’t with Henri anymore — and purportedly believe that it’s for the best.

“No one knows what is up with Henri, but her friends were told by Demi’s mom to keep him away from her at all costs,” the insider reveals.

Demi is back on a good path, and is talking with her sober pals once again. In addition, she is apparently putting her health back in place as the No. 1 priority in her life, according to the insider.

“She is back in contact with her sober pals and everyone is so relieved. She does not have another run in her and she knows how important it is for her to remain sober right now.”

As The Inquisitr reported yesterday, Lovato and Levy have called it quits after just four months of dating. The couple reportedly met a few years ago, in rehab, and reconnected again when Demi had her latest stint at a treatment facility this past fall. The pair was first spotted together — grabbing sushi and holding hands– shortly after Demi left rehab. They were again spotted at Malibu’s famed Nobu restaurant in December.

The couple got close pretty quickly, and even jetted off to Aspen for New Year’s Eve. The last photo of the former pair came on January 14, when Levy posted a snapshot of himself and Demi in France. The singer’s main focus since leaving rehab has been taking care of herself, and getting in a positive place.

It’s also reported that Demi has plans to get back to work sometime in the near future.