MTV And BET Also Victims Of Recent Twitter Hacks

MTV and BET have been hit with Twitter hacks just days after Burger King experienced one of its own.

However, it would appear the hacks on the MTV and BET accounts are nothing more than hoaxes perpetrated by a marketing firm that understands this sort of switcheroo is going to get some attention.

Fans of the networks noticed that something was amiss earlier today. In what appeared to be a Twitter hack similar to the one orchestrated on the Burger King account, MTV became BET and vice versa. However, this particular change-up wasn’t perpetrated by on outside source.

The MTV account, which sports around 6.6 million followers as of this writing, appeared to have been hacked by someone with a love for BET. Instead of the MTV logo and name, the accounted sported graphics associated with the other cable channel.

The exact same thing seemed to be happening over at the BET account. Instead of the network’s logo, everything had been switched to MTV. Although it appeared someone else had orchestrated a major Twitter hack against two major cable channels, this was actually nothing more than an elaborate hoax designed to get some press coverage. So far, it appears to be working.

Prior to the MTV and BET Twitter “hack,” the social media manager for BET revealed that the companies were about to have some fun on social media.

According to ABC News, one company that experienced a real Twitter hack today were the folks at Jeep. Much like the Burger King hack, the account contained a message which explained that the company had been sold to a competitor.

Shortly after the hack, a number of offense tweets were issued. The account was eventually disabled after an hour of being compromised.

The good news: Burger King’s Twitter account is now back in action.

What do you think about MTV and BET’s fake Twitter hack?