WWE News: Backstage Update On Arn Anderon Being Fired, Allegedly Let A Superstar Wrestle Drunk


Two weeks ago, Arn Anderson was released by WWE after working for the company for almost two decades. At the time of his firing, there was a suspicious lack of information regarding why the company let him go, but more reports are now coming out.

It appears as if the reason for Anderson’s release stems from an incident in which he allegedly allowed a superstar to perform in the ring after they showed up drunk to a live event.

Arn Anderson’s release from the company came as quite a surprise to a lot of fans, and even a number of superstars. As soon as he was let go, many on Monday Night Raw, SmackDown Live, and in NXT began posting their tributes. Many superstars thanked him for all that he had done for them.

Unfortunately, Double A may have sometimes gone too far for some of the superstars he helped out in WWE.

According to Wrestling Inc., sources have reportedly confirmed that Alicia Fox showed up intoxicated to a WWE Live Event. Anderson happened to be the backstage agent for her match that night, and he purportedly allowed her to perform — even though she was in no condition to actually wrestle.

It seems as if that was one step too far for Vince McMahon, and he made the call to fire Anderson.

WWF/WWE purchased WCW back in 2001, and Arn Anderson has worked for the company since that time. He has worked as a backstage agent for many of those years, but he has made on-camera appearances at times — and even got physical in matches on occasion.

A lot of people were greatly upset by the release of Anderson, but it’s only now that more information is coming out regarding his firing. It’s not yet known how fans –or other company talent — may react to the reported reason that Vince McMahon let Arn go.

Arn Anderson is a WWE Hall of Famer, and was a huge part of the famous Four Horseman stable in WCW during his days in the ring.

Alicia Fox is a member of the Raw roster, and it is not yet known what may end up happening with her. She was not backstage at last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, and her last match was in a tag team match for a live event on February 10, 2019.

WWE does have a wellness policy which has many different levels, but it’s hard to know what could happen to Alicia Fox in this situation. Showing up intoxicated for a live event is one thing, but actually getting in the ring with other superstars puts a lot of people in danger. Arn Anderson allegedly made the call to let her perform, and it ended up costing him his position with the company.