Luke Perry’s Net Worth Was Estimated At $10 Million

Luke Perry had an estimated net worth of about $10 million when he died, Celebrity Net Worth reports.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor passed away Monday following a massive stroke from which he never recovered. And considering that, for a time, he was a lead character on one of the most popular TV shows of his day, it’s not surprising that he amassed some wealth.

Coy Luther “Luke” Perry III was a young, broke actor at the beginning of his career. Then, he landed the role of brooding teenager Dylan McKay on Beverly Hills, 90210. He would later say that he had been through 215 auditions before getting a job in a commercial, and then took other small parts here and there before landing the coveted role.

He soon became a teen idol, becoming a popular character on the hugely-popular TV show and — in the process — appearing on merchandise such as lunch boxes and other knickknacks.

It’s unclear how much money Perry earned from Beverly Hills, 90210, but it bears noting that TV salaries were smaller in the 1990s than they are currently. What’s more, his contract may have not included payment for appearing on merchandise.

After the show ended, Perry’s career failed to reach the lofty heights that he’d achieved on the teen drama. He took smaller roles in 1997’s The Fifth Element and 1999’s The Storm. He once said that typecasting may have prevented him from getting bigger roles.

“I’m going to be linked with [Dylan] until I die, but that’s actually just fine. I created Dylan McKay. He’s mine.”

From there, he went on to have a respected career in TV, movies, and even on Broadway. He had acted, he had directed, and he’d even done voice work. Prior to the massive stroke that ended his life, Perry had a small role on The CW’s Riverdale, playing the role of Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews.

It bears noting that Celebrity Net Worth is not necessarily to be considered an infallible source, and indeed, the “About Us” disclaimer on the website notes that all of its estimates are just that: estimates. Those estimates are compiled from looking at publicly-known information about celebrities — such as court filings, real estate holdings, salaries, and endorsements. And though their claims are well-researched and well-cited, their estimates don’t account for investments (good or bad), possible spending problems (such as due to a drug or gambling addiction), or other factors that may not be revealed by a snapshot estimate.

So, it may very well be that Luke Perry was considerably wealthier — or considerably poorer — than the $10 million net worth he’s estimated to have left behind in the wake of his passing.