Wendy Williams Returns To TV, Updates Fans On Health & Marriage

Wendy Williams officially returned to her TV show on Monday. The talk show host sat down in her purple chair to address her absence and give fans an update on her health.

According to Page Six, Williams is back on The Wendy Williams Show. The host made her highly anticipated return on Monday morning after more than two months away from the show, which compensated for her absence by airing re-runs and having guest hosts like Nick Cannon fill in.

Williams hit the stage to applause wearing a Valentino dress. Upon greeting her studio audience, Wendy sat in her chair to update her fans on what has been going on with her in the time that she was away from the show, revealing that it was her Graves’ disease that kept her away from her work.

“I am happy to tell you that I’m doing swell. I can’t even tell you how many doctors I have,” Wendy dished, adding that she had to undergo a series of tests such as MRIs, cat scans, and blood work.

However, during her time away, it was rumored that Wendy’s marriage to her husband, Kevin Hunter, may have also been in crisis. Williams hit the stage wearing her wedding ring and briefly touched on her family life a bit.

“We’re spending time as a family — the Hunters, and I just wanted to take some time for myself … I am my own best friend. I’m at home, and I’m taking my thyroid meds, and I’m meditating. Oh, believe me you. I’m going to the gym seven days a week for two hours a day,” Williams stated, as quoted by Page Six.

Wendy later apologized to her viewers for being gone for so long. She claims that it won’t happen again and that she’s currently feeling great.


As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Wendy sparked divorce rumors with her husband when her social media account made the announcement of her return to the show last month.

The post referred to the host by her maiden name, which she goes by professionally. However, she’s always been adamant about including her married name in her daily life. Fans noticed that she seemingly dropped the Hunter from her name, and speculated that she and husband could be having problems.

Meanwhile, Williams has been open in the past about catching Hunter cheating on her but working through the issues to retain their 20-year marriage.

However, People reports that Wendy debunked the marriage rumors by gushing over Kevin during her first show back, even calling him her “best friend.”

Fans can see Wendy Williams’ return to The Wendy Williams Show on Monday.