Joe Jonas Seen Making Out With Sophie Turner In Bowling Alley

According to the Daily Mail, Joe Jonas and his fiancee Sophie Turner had some serious PDA going on at an outing in a bowling alley.

A night out with the family became very romantic for lovebirds Turner and Joe. The two were seen getting up close and personal over the weekend during a night at the bowling alley.

They were accompanied by Joe's brothers Kevin and Nick. Though Joe had his woman with him, the other brothers were going stag for the evening.

It's unclear where Kevin or Nick's spouses were. Some fans speculate that it may have been intended as a night out for the boys following the successful release of their music video and Turner spoiled it by tagging along.

Though from eyewitness accounts, it seemed like the other brothers were enjoying themselves as everyone was joking and laughing. So if fan speculation is true, then the brothers took Turner's presence in stride anyway.

The four were enjoying a game and between tosses, Turner and Joe were seen locking lips on more than one occasion.

The increased paparazzi attention in the Jonas brothers is hardly surprising given the momentous news that they were getting the band back together after 10 years to release a new song.

The new song "Sucker" is proving to be a big hit with fans and a great return for the boys. The music video, which released Thursday, is a quirky, fun ride.

The premise of the song is that special women have entered the brothers' lives and have made everything better. So, they're now "suckers" for those women.

Considering the two brothers are married along with the middle Joe engaged and soon to be married, it's an appropriate song for their situation.

The three special women make interesting appearances in the music video. They goof around in wild outfits, lounge in bathtubs, and participate other quirky antics, frequently with suckers in their mouths.

The Jonas Brothers originally broke up due to family issues as they revealed at the time. They explained that the stress of running a band, being on tour, releasing new albums, while also starting and maintaining families was putting a strain on their relationship with each other.

So putting family first, they broke up the band and went dark for 10 years.

Whether their passion for music is what's bringing them back or their family lives are more stable with these amazing women in their lives is unclear. The wives and future wife are proving to be incredibly supportive and from what the song tells us, making the brothers lives so much better.