Teresa Giudice Hasn’t Visited Estranged Husband Joe In Prison, Reportedly Not Worried About His Deportation

Initially, it seemed Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, would have a marriage that will withstand the tests of time. However, things are quite different now. Based on the latest reports about Teresa Giudice, it appears the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is ready to move on with her life and not look back. According to Hollywood Life, Teresa now has a life that doesn’t include Joe at all.

An insider close to the reality star has revealed she hasn’t visited Joe in forever. But despite her absence, their children actually see Joe regularly. According to the insider, his family makes an effort to ensure the girls see their father.

“Teresa hasn’t visited Joe in a really, really long time,” the source said.

“She’s really busy with her life and kids, and it’s always been important to her to keep her kids’ lives as normal as possible. The insider continued, “The kids have Joe’s family take them when they have time to visit on the weekends.”

Since the girls still have a relationship with their father, they’re likely anticipating his release from prison on March 14. However, he reportedly won’t be allowed to return to New Jersey. Multiple reports suggest Joe Giudice will likely be deported. So, how does Teresa feel about that? Well, the insider claims the mother of four has a completely different outlook on life now.

While Joe reportedly believes he still has a chance of not being deported, Teresa is finally realizing that it could, indeed happen.


“Her empathy turned to anger and frustration as friends and family told Teresa she has every right to be upset with Joe,” the source added.

“Her attitude completely changed from when he first went away until now.

The latest news follows a string of reports about Teresa and Joe Giudice. Over the last 10 years, Teresa and Joe’s marriage has undergone drastic changes. What started off as a picture-perfect marriage ultimately spiraled out of control in the public eye. Both have had their share of legal woes facing federal jail time for their finances.


So, the children would always have at least one parent at home; Teresa and Joe served prison sentences at separate times. Teresa went to jail first. Then, Joe went to prison after she was released. Now, Teresa Giudice has gotten her life back on track and her main focus has been her business and her children.

Last month, Teresa Giudice was spotted with another man which leads many to believe she’s moved on with no intent on looking back.