‘General Hospital’ Teasers: Laura Finds An Out, But Faces A Difficult Decision Regarding Kevin

General Hospital spoilers for the coming week provide some intriguing insight into what’s going to happen next. Fans know that the walls are closing in on Ryan, and the truth will finally be widely exposed soon. Laura and Kevin know key information about what’s been going on in Port Charles over the past few months, obviously, but they’re still trapped in the Ferncliff basement. From the sounds of things, that will change soon.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest reveals some General Hospital spoilers about how an escape comes together. Co-head writer Shelly Altman teases that Laura and Kevin will feel desperate to find a way to get out of the basement, knowing that Ryan could return at any moment. They will find a secret passageway of some sort and plan to crawl through it.

However, as Laura and Kevin talk, he will voice concern about whether he’ll be holding her back due to his blindness. General Hospital spoilers suggest that Laura will resist leaving Kevin there alone, but he will ultimately insist. Apparently, he will believe, to some degree, that if only one of them manages to escape this situation alive, he wants it to be Laura over himself.

It isn’t clear exactly when Laura will make her escape, or what happens to her next. Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps reveal that Jason will cross paths with the true Kevin soon, and the encounter will leave him alarmed.

Fans will have to tune in over the next few days to see how Jason crosses paths with Kevin. Once he does, General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll be worried about Carly, and be anxious to find her. As The Inquisitr has detailed, Ryan will toss Carly into the trunk of his car after she sees him in the parking lot, and teasers reveal that Jason will find her ringing phone left on the ground.

While Jason may initially be just moderately curious about where Carly is, the more he digs around, the more concerned he will be. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers also indicate that, at one point, he’ll be too late to help his friend in some sense, and many worry this signals that a miscarriage is on the way.

Kevin and Laura have a lot to talk about once Ryan is caught and the dust settles. It has not gone unnoticed by viewers that Kevin hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with Laura about the whole truth regarding the Ryan situation. She has made some assumptions based on the love and trust she has for her husband, but he won’t be able to hide behind that for much longer.

It’s still going to take another week or two for all of this drama to fully play out, and General Hospital spoilers hint that it’ll all lead to some incredible scenes for fans to soak up. Lives are hanging in the balance, and viewers cannot wait to see how all the loose ends are tied up.