‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly’s Life Is In Danger As The Truth About Ryan Finally Begins To Emerge

Friday’s episode of General Hospital delivered plenty of great moments and set the stage for an explosive show on Monday. Spoilers tease that Ryan’s going to try to outrun the authorities, but things are finally starting to implode. Will any additional lives be lost before he’s exposed?

Warning: Spoilers from Friday’s episode ahead!

As everybody saw during the March 1 show, Franco made it home before passing out. As his consciousness faded, he told Elizabeth that his confession was a lie — and that Ryan Chamberlain is the one who was responsible. Liz called the police and Chase soon arrived, and his curiosity was definitely piqued when Liz told him what Franco said about Ryan.

Elsewhere, Ryan convinced Ava to elope with him to Niagara Falls. While that was happening, Carly talked with Jason about how things weren’t adding up with her former neighbor at Ferncliff. She also talked about Franco’s confession, and other tidbits. As Friday’s show ended, Ryan was fawning over the licenses he’s kept from his prior spree, and Carly was standing behind him.

As The Inquisitr has detailed, General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Ryan will take Carly and hide her in the trunk of the car. He will manage to get on the road before Chase — or indeed anybody — else can piece things together. He’ll soon cross over into Canada with Ava.

Luckily, it won’t take Jason long to worry about Carly’s whereabouts. SheKnows Soaps says that Jason will be scrambling to find Carly, growing desperate as he struggles to figure out where she could be. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers indicate that by the show airing on Friday, March 8, he’ll be too late in some sense — and fans have a hunch this situation may cause her to miscarry.

Lulu, Maxie, Mac, and Felicia did some brainstorming. They are coming very close to figuring out that Ryan is still alive, and is responsible for this latest spree. Not only are they edging close to uncovering the truth, but soon Curtis will hear what is surely a confusing message from Franco on Jordan’s phone — one that will prompt questions as well.

Who will be the one to figure out the truth first? There are several Port Charles residents on the brink of piecing the key details together, but no one person knows of all the red flags that have been popping up lately. Chase has become concerned about Laura’s whereabouts, and he didn’t immediately dismiss what Liz relayed about Franco’s claims, so he may have an edge here.

Soon, Chase may also be in a position to suspect Jordan — and Franco may have concocted a plan of sorts as he learns about the surprising message on her phone. Not only that, but it wouldn’t be impossible to think that Lulu or Mac may reach out to him, hoping to run through some of the strange tidbits that they’ve pieced together as well.

When will Ava realize she’s really with Ryan? It looks likely that this won’t happen for at least another week or so, as General Hospital spoilers tease that Ava will be shaken and angry over something during the week of March 11.

Not much is known yet about how Jason and the true Kevin cross paths, but Soap Central does note that Kevin will have a plan of sorts during the coming week. Things will be chaotic throughout Port Charles as everybody tries to uncover the truth, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get even more complicated in the days ahead.

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