‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Reign Of Terror Crosses The Border, Both Carly & Ava Facing Big Trouble

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan is going to be making some incredibly desperate moves in the days ahead. Viewers watched as he confronted Franco and revealed the truth about who he is and what he’s done, not expecting Franco to get away. However, Franco is on the run, and it seems that Ryan soon will be as well.

This Ryan storyline has taken months to play out, and it’s definitely had viewers buzzing. Whether viewers love it or hate it, things are on the brink of coming to a head at last. General Hospital spoilers make it clear that there are still some major developments set to play out before it wraps up though.

She Knows Soaps reveals that over the course of the next few episodes, Ryan will take Carly hostage. Fans had suspected this would be the case based on some relatively vague spoilers that emerged previously, but now some specifics have been pinned down.

Ryan will toss Carly into the trunk of Kevin’s car, and it won’t take long for Jason to become worried about his pregnant bestie. General Hospital spoilers indicate that as Jason starts searching for Carly, he’ll cross paths with the real Kevin. From here, it seems that many people will be scrambling and feeling pretty desperate to get their loved ones away from this mad man.

Ryan will cross into Canada with Ava by his side as she still won’t have any idea who she’s really with at this point. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will come to realize how central Ava is to flushing out the truth, and he’ll be desperate to figure out where Ryan has stashed Carly.

An exact timeline for all of these developments hasn’t been revealed quite yet, but it looks as if things will be quite wild for the next couple of weeks. Soap Central indicates that the week of March 4 will show Jason desperate to find Carly, and it looks like around March 13 and 14 is when Ava may finally piece together the truth of the mess she’s been pulled into with Ryan.

Will Carly lose her baby as a result of being taken by Ryan? Could Ava end up being the one to save her nemesis Carly when she realizes that “Kevin” isn’t the man she thought he was? General Hospital spoilers tease that these next couple of weeks will be intense ones for viewers, and people cannot wait to see how this all plays out.

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