Michael Jackson Accusers Offer Graphic, Bizarre Details About Abuse They Endured With Legendary Singer

Michael Jackson walks into the Santa Maria Superior Court on the fifth day of his child molestation trial
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Michael Jackson’s accusers, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, are finally speaking out about their disturbing alleged encounters with the King of Pop during their time at his famous California ranch, Neverland. According to Radar Online, on Thursday, February 27, Robson and Safechuck appeared on CBS This Morning where they shared bizarre details about life behind closed doors with Michael Jackson.

Both men admitted they were initially fascinated by the sprawling Neverland ranch, describing it as “the most magical thing” they’d ever seen. In fact, Robson admitted he was so fascinated as a young boy, he and Michael were mutually saddened when he had to leave. Michael asked him if he wanted to stay longer and he immediately said, “Yes.” That following week, he and Michael Jackson stayed at the ranch alone and that’s where things reportedly took a turn for the worse.

After a couple of nights at the ranch, Robson said their relationship changed drastically. He claims the sexual abuse began with subtle touches and progressed from that point.

“As Michael started doing these sexual acts, he started talking to me about, ‘God brought us together. We love each other… And this is how we show each other our love,'” Robson said.

He went on to explain how Michael Jackson allegedly presented the relationship to him, citing biblical references. According to Robson, Michael was never physically abusive. The legendary performer is said to have always approached situations with tenderness.

“The way Michael approached the abuse, the sexual activity with me, was always extremely tender,” Robson continued.

“… He didn’t beat me… He never said mean things to me. It was all, ‘We love each other.’ It was all tender.”

Both men said they felt they were involved in “mutual, loving relationships” with Michael Jackson although they were young children at the time. The two went on to recall their childhood with Michael Jackson explaining the dynamic of their bizarre relationship with him.

“He said I was his first, but even as a kid, you don’t even know what that means,” added Safechuck.


“So you’re lovers and you’re best friends… You just feel really connected to someone, and you just love them intensely.”

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The latest news follows a string of speculative reports. Michael Jackson’s family released a statement after the Leaving Neverland documentary premiered at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival. Although Michael Jackson’s family claims he’s innocent, many have always speculated otherwise. However, Michael Jackson was acquitted on the previous charges brought against him.