Zayn Malik Tweets ‘Love You’ To Gigi Hadid Months After Alleged Breakup

Zayn Malik had some fans scratching their heads about the state of his romantic life when he tweeted his love for model Gigi Hadid, who was thought to be his ex-girlfriend. The simple two-word tweet currently has over 50,000 likes, 21,000 retweets, and 14,000 comments. As E! Online reports, last month, an inside source revealed that Gigi and Zayn had been “spending time apart” since November to help maintain the health of their relationship. But based on his tweet, it’s clear that there’s still love between them, at least on Zayn’s part.

“They are in different points in their lives right now and decided they needed the time to breathe apart from each other,” the source continued. “They are still in touch and both hope that things will work out, but their relationship is always up and down.”

The two are known for being notoriously private about their relationship. But rumors of a split started circulating last year, mainly because he wasn’t in the audience to support her during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

But one insider told E! that there was a simple explanation

“Everything is going smoothly, they are just trying to keep it more under the radar,” they said. “It’s no surprise that Zayn didn’t attend the VS show. He is not one for public outings, and usually skips out on going.”

But Zayn also doesn’t follow Hadid on Instagram and the former One Direction member previous told GQ in July that he doesn’t want to put a label on the relationship.

So, as mentioned earlier, fans were surprised to see the tweet from Zayn on Saturday.

“I thought Zayn and Gigi broke up but his tweet…,” one fan wrote.

“In my mind, I’m already seeing zayn and Gigi married with 3 kids 4 dogs 10 horses and 2 cats,” another tweeted.

As E! notes, Gigi and Zayn dated for two years before Zayn announced their breakup in March of 2018. They reunited after a month. Then came the news in January that they hadn’t been spending much time together since November.

Gig Hadid has not responded to the tweet, as of this writing. Her last couple of tweets are mostly focused on her modeling career. He also hasn’t been in any of her recent Instagram photos.

In January, the model was seen entering Zayn’s apartment building in New York City. Paparazzi spotted her exiting a taxi in a gray outfit, even though she tried to hide her face with a purse, Harper’s Bazaar reports.

So there are many signs that Zayn and Gigi are back together, but to be sure fans will have to see if they make it social media official, or if they pop up on a red carpet together.