Who Was The Second Person Voted Out Of ‘Survivor: Edge Of Extinction’?

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Season 38 of Survivor has introduced a new twist called “Edge of Extinction,” which offers castaways the opportunity to fight to return to the game after being evicted by their tribe. With only two episodes of the season having aired, little has been revealed about what is expected of castaways who accept the challenge beyond being dropped on an abandoned island with barely enough to survive.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first and second episode.

As those who watched the season premiere know, Reem made the decision to take on the twist for an opportunity to fight her way back into the game. Reem appeared to be really struggling as she was dropped in the middle of nowhere with little to hold on to and no information on what to expect. If she can manage to hold on, fans also don’t know when or where she is expected to drop back into the game.

Following the exit of Reem Daly, the Manu tribe lost the immunity challenge for the second week in a row and Keith Sowell was voted out next. While the tribe was pretty split throughout the entire episode, they ultimately decided to vote out the 19-year-old pre-med student because he was a liability during challenges.

If they wanted to win a challenge moving forward, having someone who couldn’t swim wasn’t going to help them.

According to his biography on CBS’s website, the young castaway hails from North Carolina. He describes himself as “religious” and “competitive.”

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During the first two episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction, Keith described himself as a “mama’s boy.” According to his biography, his mother and his grandmother are credited as his biggest inspirations in life.

“Without them there’s no way I would be the type of person I am today. They taught me morals, values, and how to always have a loving and caring personality. They’ve seen me at my lowest times and have never withheld their love for me. We never had much but my mom always made ends meet for me. My grandma was the one who first started me on my walk in faith, which is my biggest rock in life. They are my heroes,” Keith’s profile on the CBS website reads.

Keith Sowell faces new Twist during Survivor 38
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Unfortunately for the young castaway, he did not have the best feedback from viewers on social media as many took issue with his age and the fact that he couldn’t swim.


It currently remains unclear whether Keith will fight for a chance to return to the game as Episode 2, ended on a cliffhanger.

New episodes of Survivor: Edge of Extinction air every week on Wednesday night on CBS.