Justin Bieber Avoiding His Ex Selena Gomez To Keep His Wife Happy

According to Us Weekly, Justin Bieber is staying away from his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez to avoid upsetting his wife Hailey Baldwin.

An anonymous source told Us Weekly reporters that they “haven’t talked recently” and Bieber is being careful to stay “loyal” to his wife Baldwin.

Given the dramatic on-again-off-again history Bieber and Gomez have had, it’s understandable Baldwin, and perhaps even Bieber himself, would want the former lovebirds to keep their distance.

Bieber and Gomez became official back in 2011. Yet after years of drama, tension, breakup, getting back together, and secret rendezvous, they decided to finally call it quits in 2018.

Now that Bieber and Gomez vowed to stay apart, Bieber moved on by getting back together with Baldwin, whom he dated for a while during a breakup with Gomez back in 2015 and 2016.

Bieber then solidified things when he proposed to Baldwin in July 2018. A source told reporters that Bieber and Gomez just weren’t working together because they weren’t compatible, suggesting that Bieber might have been the problem because Gomez was “more focused on improving herself every day.”

Nevertheless, Gomez took the news of Bieber and Baldwin’s engagement hard.

In January this year, Gomez left a mental health facility and posted on Instagram that she was doing much better and the year of “self reflection” had been good for her. But she felt that getting proper help for the issues she was going through made her stronger and more capable going forward.


Bieber is currently in his own process of self-discovery and learning to cope with his mental health issues, namely depression, anxiety, and learning to trust others.

The source was careful to specify that Bieber hadn’t gone to a mental health facility like Gomez had, but is seeing a therapist and learning to handle his mental health without the use of medications.

Baldwin is said to have been incredibly supportive of Bieber as he resolves his issues. Since marrying him in September 2018, the source claims, “She’s been so supportive of him throughout this process.”

Given the number of times Bieber and Gomez got together after each breakup, it’s understandable that Baldwin would be wary of the two seeing each other.

Yet it could also be concern for the mental well-being of both Bieber and Gomez. It’s apparent from the professional help they’ve both sought out that the breakup and rocky relationship had a toll on both of them, along with other personal issues they’re likely having.

Seeing each other after all that growth and struggle could be very bad and set back all of their success in living more mentally healthy lives.