Travis Scott Denies Rumors That He Cheated On Kylie Jenner

According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, Travis Scott declares that the rumors floating around about him cheating on Kylie Jenner are not true.

The rumors that Scott was cheating on his two-year girlfriend started because of a report by TMZ on February 28. TMZ claims an insider spilled the secret that Scott canceled his tour to fly home to Los Angeles where Jenner supposedly had “evidence” about his cheating and confronted him.

The going rumor is that a big argument resulted and Jenner is supposedly considering breaking her two-year relationship with the rapper. Scott is claimed to have put a hold on his tour while he handles the tense situation.

Yet Scott’s representative says he denies the allegations and claims the rumors are false.

“Travis Scott vehemently denies he cheated on Kylie. It is not true. He did not cheat. He canceled one show tonight because he is under the weather.”

The aforementioned show was his performance in Buffalo, New York, on February 28, the same day TMZ made its claims, as part of Scott’s “Astroworld” tour.

On Twitter, Scott stated that the night’s performance had been canceled because he was feeling “under the weather” and was rescheduling the concert for March 10.

Fans were understandably upset by the news, some stating that they had flown to Buffalo to see it and wouldn’t be able to come back.

Yet as TMZ released its rumors, some fans who were forced to miss his concert were furious that he seemingly lied to them about why it was canceled.

If the rumors are true, it comes at a horrible time for Jenner, who’s currently going through the emotional roller coaster of her best friend Jordyn Woods locking lips with her sister Khloe Kardashian’s boyfriend Tristan Thompson.

Kylie Jenner (L) and Travis Scott attends the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards

That scandal has rippled through the Kardashian family to where every member wants absolutely nothing to do with Woods.

As covered by an article on Inquisitr, Kylie has been the one member of the family on the fence about cutting out Woods given their deep friendship.

Jenner has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors that she accused Scott of cheating. Leaving many fans to speculate on the veracity of the claims made by TMZ.

Scott, it seems, is the only one to have made official statements regarding the potential scandal, with very little input or reaction by the Kardashians. It’s possible they are still in the midst of Khloe’s scandal and haven’t gotten to confronting this new one, or there’s no base to the claims and they’re simply ignoring it.

Either way, it’s proving to be an intense year for the Kardashian clan.