Johnny Manziel’s Wife Accused Of Cheating In A Charity Half Marathon

Vivien KillileaGetty Images

Johnny Manziel’s wife, Instagram model Bre Tiesi, has been accused of cheating during a half marathon race for charity in Temecula, California. After she set world records for the last six miles of the race despite not training, many are alleging that she cut out a section of the course in order to finish with an excellent time.

The Daily Mail says that Tiesi, who married Manziel last year, ran the Divas half marathon for breast cancer awareness and posted many photos on her social media, celebrating her completion of the race by toasting on the finish line with a glass of wine.

But according to the race timing service, the model set a world record for the final six-and-a-half miles of the race, wrapping things up in 26:54, which is faster than any human ever. Based on Tiesi’s overall time, this means her pace was consistently around a four-minute mile.

Despite the accusations, the Instagram model is doubling down to say that she achieved her time fair and square, even if it was her first road race of this length ever. Tiesi also called out the people who made the cheating allegations against her.

“How sad and pathetic that people even try and makes these types of accusations.”

Former NFL player Manziel’s wife boasted that she didn’t even train for the race, saying she didn’t even think she would finish but thought she would try because it was for charity.


“Cardio is not really my thing so that’s what I mean by ‘I didn’t train.’ I went thinking I’ll have the heart to run or I won’t but I’ll finish, could be 5 hours.. didn’t care.”

This has been a rough week in the headlines for the Manziel/Tiesi family, as the football player was released from the Canadian Football League’s Montreal Alouettes earlier this week.

Despite being a talented athlete, Johnny Manziel’s football career has always been followed by a black cloud, with stories of excessive partying and an arrest for domestic violence involving a former girlfriend, per The Inquisitr.

Manziel, who is a former Heisman Trophy winner, has struggled to earn another job with the NFL. The quarterback had hoped that by landing a job in the CFL, he would be on the road back to employment with an NFL team, but with this latest termination, it looks unlikely that an American team would take a chance on him at this time.