Solange Knowles Revives the Black Social Network Black Planet By Announcing Her New Album

Solange Knowles gave us a taste of her emotions and the power she derives from her culture and background three years ago, when her album, A Seat at the Table, first dropped. Solange had made it clear before that a major goal she wanted to achieve through her music was to empower not only herself, but other African Americans with feelings of pride in their culture. Not only did Solange succeed with her cultural vision, but she also celebrated being both black and female.

Many of Solange’s fans have been hoping for another album of hers to drop since her last amazing record came out years ago. Lucky for them, Solange started hinting about the possibility of a new album on February 26. She also started teasing the idea on Black Planet, which used to be the largest black online community. That same day, she also said she would be releasing a new album titled When I Get Home, which will come out on February 28 at midnight, according to Pitchfork. Solange’s goal with this album release was to end Black History Month on a high note, and to start drawing the black community back to their old online social network, Black Planet.

So, why is Solange so focused on resurrecting the old Black Planet social network? Solange has long stood out as a symbol of both black and female empowerment. She wants to make sure the African-American community connects and communicates to strengthen the individuals that participate on the network, as well as empowering her community as a whole. Her timing with both advertising on Black Planet and dropping her new album is perfect and helps to put more emphasis on her cause.

Black Planet has long existed as a social networking site for the black community, according to Elle. It has customizable homepages, messaging, and chat notifications. Many African-American members have used it in the past to connect, form new relationships, and gather support for new ideas. Several African-American sororities and fraternities encouraged their members to start using the social network so they could interconnect with their brothers and sisters at a variety of universities.

Also, since Black Planet was made specifically for African-American people, it never had the problems with racism that many more modern, mainstream social media websites have. So, having a digital community for African Americans has kept this social network pretty safe from online harassment.

Black Planet still exists, although its popularity fell a bit since other, larger social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook gained momentum. However, with Solange encouraging her fans on her other social media platforms to look for her on Black Planet, she seems to be resurrecting this social network as a way to bring both her culture and community together.