Technorati acquires AdEngage, expanding ad mix

Technorati has acquired advertising service AdEngage, their first bolt on acquisition for their advertising network Technorati Media.

Founded in 2004, AdEngage offers a variety of self service advertising options, including 125px spots, text and "Photext" ads, which combine text and photos in the one ad unit. The site offers units at set rates or on a CPC basis, and serves over 12 billion impressions a month.

Technorati CEO Richard Jalichandra said in a post that Technorati would use the AdEngage platform to expand Technorati Media's offering, starting with an expansion of their advertising business from higher traffic sites, deeper into the long tail. Technorati Engage will launch with a the text and Photext products, with the 125px spots to follow, and will be offered in a closed beta initially, until they're ready to completely open it up. Blogs can apply here, and must meet Technorati Media guidelines detailed here.

Let me disclose in the post that Technorati Media is the exclusive provider of US inventory for The Inquisitr, and although I haven't checked the fine print, there's probably parts of it that prevent me from saying too much about our relationship with them. Even if there isn't, I'm not going to discuss it in detail out of professional courtesy anyway. I will say this though: the network is fairly new, and the team are responsive, good to work with, and are regularly looking at ways of improving the product. The inclusion of AdEngage, which I presume will extend to existing Technorati Media clients, offers the one thing missing so far from Technorati Media's mix: 125px ads. I didn't like having to get rid of existing advertisers when we signed the deal with Technorati because those units weren't available, and hopefully once the 125px spots come on line we can bring some of them back.