‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Colton Underwood ‘Fell Head Over Heels’ For Final Pick, Believes Reality Steve

Fans of ABC’s The Bachelor will soon get to see if spoilers about Colton Underwood’s final pick are correct. Spoiler king Reality Steve has revealed plenty of juicy tidbits regarding what supposedly goes down, and he has shared some updates over the past couple of months since revealing his initial scoop. In his latest blog post, the gossip guru shared some additional insight into the ending that fans will not want to miss.

As The Inquisitr has detailed, Colton’s season reportedly incorporates some amazing twists and turns on the way to the final moments. If Reality Steve’s spoilers are true — and so far they’ve been consistently accurate — Underwood actually will make his decision during the overnight dates. However, his chosen lady will get cold feet at the thought of an engagement, and will bolt.

This will obviously leave Underwood thoroughly rattled, but Bachelor spoilers signal that Colton does smooth things over with his apparent pick, Cassie Randolph. Reality Steve says that the two are dating, but are not engaged.

A fair number of viewers have questioned Colton’s sincerity in wanting to find his future wife, and the show has cast plenty of doubt on Cassie’s sincerity as well. That leaves some Bachelor fans wondering if anything about Underwood’s emotions and proclamations are genuine. Interestingly, Reality Steve shares his take in his latest blog post — and what he thinks might surprise some people.

“Here’s the thing with Colton. Of course he went on to gain fame and increase his visibility out there. But I fully believe he fell head over heels for Cassie. Without a doubt.”

That’s not to say that Reality Steve thinks Colton and Cassie’s romance will go the distance, nor does he think there will be an engagement happening between them any time soon. However, some might say it almost shows a softer-than-usual side for the gossip king, in his acknowledgement that Underwood did seem to truly fall for Randolph.


In some prior seasons, a finalist chose to leave filming. This has commonly lead viewers to strongly believe that the bachelor then ended up choosing a less-favored contestant. That was a theory for Ali Fedotowsky’s season, when Frank Neuschaefer left before an overnight date. It was speculated during Desiree Hartsock’s finale as well, after Brooks Forester left during filming.

An earlier Bachelorette season included a similar challenge, when DeAnna Pappas ultimately chose Jesse Csincsak. It was pretty widely believed that DeAnna wanted Graham Bunn to be her final pick, but he was eliminated after admitting he wasn’t going to get where she’d need him to be in their relationship.

In Colton’s case, it seems that he was set on choosing Cassie over Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, even though Randolph reportedly got cold feet and quit the show. Reality Steve also had some thoughts on that component.

“I just don’t think he knows how to handle himself from the point she leaves going forward. I know some people will look at it as, ‘Awww, look at that. He didn’t settle for either of the final two and followed his heart.’ Ummmm, I don’t see it that way. At all.”

A teaser sneak peek shared via the show’s Twitter page shows that all three remaining ladies are looking forward to the chance to spend time alone with Colton in the fantasy suites. Little did they realize, at the time, that things would take a very different turn.

Colton Underwood has said little about how his Bachelor season ends, but it is intriguing that Reality Steve’s spoilers signal that Colton truly did fall really hard for Cassie Randolph. Will all of these teasers pan out to be accurate — and can Colton and Cassie make their relationship work? Answers are coming soon, and viewers are anxious to see how everything falls into place.