Right-Wing Personality Jacob Wohl Permanently Banned From Twitter After Jaw-Dropping Interview

Another right-wing voice will have to share his viewpoints elsewhere, as Jacob Wohl has now been permanently banned from Twitter. The move came just hours after Wohl gave an eye-opening interview to USA Today where he voiced responsibility for some rather shocking things.

Jacob Wohl, 21, has been an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump’s, as is his father David. Not only has Jacob become well-known for his posts on Twitter regarding Trump and a number of far-right topics, but he’s also generated some interesting headlines of his own in recent months.

For example, The Inquisitr shared that this past weekend that Wohl was in Minnesota along with another well-known far-right activist, Laura Loomer. They were intent on investigating new House Representative Ilhan Omar and they generated a lot of buzz across social media with their posts throughout their trip.

In recent months, Wohl was behind allegations of misconduct against Robert Mueller as well as perhaps involved with what notorious attorney Michael Avenatti called a setup. As Wohl acknowledged in USA Today, he also initiated a social media campaign claiming that California Senator and presidential hopeful Kamala Harris was not eligible to become president.

Until Tuesday afternoon, Wohl had built up a Twitter following of around 186,000 people. He had been retweeted by Trump several times and even met him some time ago. Jacob’s Twitter posts, which have also included claims that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was incapacitated or even secretly dead, tended to generate a lot of engagement, both positive and negative.

However, it looks like some of what Wohl has worked to build is now imploding. The woman at the center of the Mueller allegations, Carolyne Cass, has told USA Today that Wohl fabricated the story and even deceived her as he tried to get her to speak out to the press. The fabricated Mueller allegations were even referred for potential criminal investigation to the FBI.

That didn’t slow Wohl down much, though, as he openly talked with the news outlet about looking ahead to generating an impact of some nature on the 2020 presidential election. It seems he was already working on creating false Twitter and Facebook accounts that he could use to disrupt the Democratic primary process.

In talking with USA Today, he admitted that accuracy was “not the important part” of the information he works to spread. Rather, it seems, Wohl simply aimed to spread what he’s saying far and wide and get people to believe it all.

“I’ll literally hear one thing and I’ll flip it 180 degrees.”

Wohl was previously banned from futures trading after an SEC investigation when he was 18. More recently, he faced legal threats by Avenatti after the attorney came to believe that Wohl had been involved in the abuse allegations that were made against him.

Now, just hours after his comments were shared in the USA Today piece, he’s finding himself without a voice on Twitter. The Daily Beast details that Wohl was banned after the social media outlet determined that he had violated multiple rules of the site, including creating and operating fake accounts.

Wohl’s Twitter ban comes after some other far-right voices have faced similar fates. Laura Loomer, his traveling partner this past weekend, was banned in November after criticizing Rep. Omar. Some other outspoken Trump supporters or far-right voices like Milo Yiannopoulos as well as Alex Jones and his Infowars account have faced similar fates.

Throughout his trip with Loomer in Minnesota, Wohl shared many of his updates with followers via the social media app Periscope. Now that Jacob Wohl is banned from Twitter, his followers will have to hope the Twitter-owned Periscope doesn’t ban him too, or head elsewhere to engage with his controversial far-right claims and posts.