South Carolina Man Buys $500 Worth Of Girls Scout Cookies So The Girls Can Come In Out Of The Cold

A group of South Carolina Girl Scouts can thank an anonymous stranger for helping them come in out of the cold, thanks to his $500 purchase of their entire inventory, WIS-TV (Columbia) is reporting.

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, which means that young ladies all across the country are in front of shopping centers and other busy pedestrian areas, hawking the delicious cookies that help fund the organization and some of its side projects. Unfortunately, Girl Scout Cookie season coincides with the dead of winter, and back on February 22, it was a cold day in Greenville. The temperature hovered around 50 all day, according to Weather Underground, which is cold by Greenville standards. That’s where mom and Troop No. 1574 cookie-sales manager Kayla Dillard was stationed with a couple of young scouts, offering the cookies to passer-by.

Dillard wrote on Facebook about what happened next. She says that a man she and the girls didn’t know bought seven boxes of the cookies. It’s unclear how much he paid for them. According to the Girl Scouts website, boxes of different cookies come at different price points in different regions of the country. Nevertheless, besides buying seven boxes, he also gave the girls a $40 tip.

It gets better: moments later, the man came back and bought the girls’ entire inventory — at a cost of $500 — and told them to get in out of the cold.

“Then he came back to the table and said ‘pack up all of your cookies. I’m taking them all so y’all can get out of this cold.'”

So far, the mystery man hasn’t been positively identified. Kayla says that several people who believe they know him have tagged him in the post — but as of this writing, it doesn’t appear as if the mystery man has owned up to being the girls’ patron.

Over on Facebook, commenters are suggesting that the man remaining anonymous is a good thing, else the narrative of the story would be spoiled.

“Good Samaritans don’t need claim to fame and recognition they do it because they want to and it’s a good thing to do,” one user wrote.

The Girl Scouts, according to Wonderopolis, have been selling Girl Scout Cookies since 1917. And according to WCCO-TV (Minneapolis), Girl Scout Cookies account for almost all of the funding for the girls’ programs and activities. Besides raising money for the organization, the cookie sales teach girls about money management and operating a business.