Reality Steve Teases New Hannah Brown ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers, Generates Fresh Buzz Over What’s Next For Her

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Colton Underwood faces meeting four families during Monday night’s Episode 8 of The Bachelor. Spoilers tease, however, that the February 25 show was also supposed to feature a fifth encounter that would shake things up a bit. Hannah Brown, the lady he eliminated during her one-on-one in Denver, reportedly paid Colton a visit while he was filming another hometown. Curiously, now it may not be shown at all.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, spoiler guru Reality Steve revealed not long ago that Hannah Brown would pop up again after her elimination. Apparently, as Colton Underwood was in Alabama for the hometown with contestant Hannah Godwin, Brown made contact with production and asked to talk with Underwood.

Now, a new wrinkle has emerged that shakes things up in an interesting way. Prior previews with Bachelor spoilers have clearly woven in some tidbits of Hannah’s surprise visit to Colton. However, Reality Steve said via Twitter on Monday that these previously teased moments will actually not be included in Monday’s show.

Apparently, it seems that ABC has cut this segment entirely. Why would they film Brown popping up to visit Underwood and then decide to leave it on the cutting room floor?

Some fans wonder if ABC cut Brown’s visit out because producers are positioning Hannah to be the next Bachelorette. It may be that the segment ultimately played into the wacky edit she was getting early in the season and that’s not the route they want to take now.

It may also be simply that production decided they had enough to cover in Episode 8 and the rest of the season without including this. A few fans on social media even speculate that the producers have decided they don’t want to further fuel the speculation that Hannah could be the Bachelorette so they want to diminish any further buzz about her.

The Inquisitr recently noted that there has been a fair amount of buzz among viewers about the idea of Brown getting that Bachelorette gig. It would be unusual for someone who finished outside of the final four to get that opportunity, but it’s not impossible to think it might happen.

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After her Episode 7 elimination, Hannah took to Instagram to open up about her experience. The Bachelor contestant noted that it was tough to watch it on television, but that she was grateful for it all.

“I came back home a little broken for a bit, but a more whole woman for good. I finally allowed myself to be so transparent in a relationship, regardless of the risk.”

Brown said she was blessed by the growth she gained from doing the show and she’s hopeful for whatever comes next. The Bachelor star closed the post by saying her heart was full and fans loved the post.

If Reality Steve’s latest spoilers are right, non-spoiled fans won’t necessarily even notice anything unusual about Monday’s show. For those who have paid close attention to previous teasers and previews, they may be left scratching their heads a bit.

Why did production decide to leave out this time Hannah Brown and Colton Underwood shared together in Alabama? As Reality Steve tweeted, fans can start speculating now, and they surely will.

The Inquisitr shared that show creator Mike Fleiss has teased that Hannah might be their pick for The Bachelorette. However, he does have a tendency to tease fans a lot so there’s no telling how serious he is at this point.

There’s a lot set to go down during Episode 8 on Monday night and Bachelor spoilers tease that it’ll be a wild ride to the finish line over the next couple of weeks.