‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers & Speculation: Hannah Brown Generates Buzz & Support Ahead Of ABC Announcement

Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season is still airing right now but filming for the 2019 Bachelorette season starts in just a few weeks. There has been plenty of speculation swirling regarding who will get this gig, and over the past few days recently eliminated contestant Hannah Brown seems to be building a great deal of momentum.

ABC oftentimes announces their pick for the next Bachelorette lead during the Bachelor finale. If the network follows that pattern, then fans can likely expect an official announcement to come on March 12. While unofficial news may emerge ahead of that date, the network has sometimes made last-minute lead changes so nothing is certain until the network reveals the news.

In nearly every single season, the contenders for the next Bachelorette season come from the final four of the latest Bachelor run. As the Inquisitr has previously noted, gossip guru Reality Steve has said he’s expected that to be the case this spring as well.

Warning! The Bachelor spoilers ahead!

Specifically, Reality Steve has said he believed that the next Bachelorette would likely be either Caelynn Miller-Keyes or Hannah Godwin. He’s noted that Caelynn certainly has a strong backstory that could assist her in snagging the gig, but fans seem to be really falling for Hannah. Given the edits both women have received during Colton’s season, however, some viewers argue that neither seem to be getting the next-lead treatment.

Until just this week, Reality Steve would have argued vehemently that recently eliminated Hannah B. had literally no shot at being the next Bachelorette. However, he recently shared some thoughts coming from a friend that he agrees makes a strong case for picking Brown over Miller-Keyes, Godwin, or anybody else.

Show creator Mike Fleiss recently posted on Twitter asking who his followers thought should get the gig, and he does this essentially every season. Of course, he doesn’t necessarily go with the person who generates the most buzz, but fan support does seem to be a factor to an extent.

As it happens, this week Hannah B. is getting a lot of support in the replies to Fleiss’ tweet. Of course, that’s in large part because she was just eliminated. After the next episode, the next lady to be left without a rose could become a social media frontrunner. However, Bachelor spoilers have teased that viewers haven’t seen the last of Hannah yet either.

The “Women Tell All” special is slated to be pre-filmed on Friday and Hannah will be there. This special for each Bachelor and Bachelorette season often provides some valuable insight into which contestant seems to be a frontrunner for a lead gig and it’ll be interesting to see what Reality Steve hears about this upcoming one.

Why is it that Brown seems to be emerging as a Bachelorette contestant when usually she’d be dismissed for finishing too far back in the pack? Hannah has taken some time to win over viewers this winter, but many have come to love her quirky, light, bubbly personality. Viewers seem to sense that Brown is genuine and willing to laugh at herself, and she has allowed herself to be vulnerable during her time with Underwood as well.

It’s definitely too soon to tell which lady will be the next Bachelorette, although it’s virtually guaranteed to be one of the ladies either still on Colton Underwood’s season or someone like Hannah Brown who was just eliminated. Spoilers about the network’s decision should emerge soon and fans will be anxious to get an official announcement sometime in March.

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