Nursing Home? Too Expensive – Man Chooses Holiday Inn For His Golden Years As It Is Much Cheaper

In this day and age, there are many complaints to be had about medical care and the way it is presented to people, but are there other options? One man believes he has found a solution that may not only work out better for him, but it will actually save him a lot of money every single day. Instead of going into a nursing home for his “golden years,” Terry Robison has decided that he’s going to live in a Holiday Inn because it is cheaper.

In reality, it’s a lot cheaper.

According to a post on his personal Facebook profile, Robison said that he did all of his research and figured out a great way to save himself plenty of money and live out his final lives in peace. Not only is still going to get medical care, but he’s going to live somewhere that offers him a lot more freedom than a nursing home.

Robison figured out that the average cost of nursing home care is $188 per day for anyone in America. Sure, that price includes food and lodging, some forms of entertainment, and additional care, but his idea will give him so much more.

When combining a senior discount along with a long-term stay discount at Holiday Inn, Robison realized he could stay in a hotel for $59.23 per night.

That average per night comes to a savings of $128.77 per night by staying in a Holiday Inn over a nursing home. Robison also realized all of the additional amenities that come along with a hotel stay and it honestly makes plenty of sense when it is all broken down.

  • Free breakfast
  • Happy hours some afternoons
  • Free shampoo, soap, and other toiletries
  • Free toothpaste and razors (some Holiday Inn locations)
  • Spa
  • Swimming pool
  • Workout room
  • Lounge
  • Laundry facilities
  • Free repairs
  • Nighttime security
  • Free housekeeping service

Robison says that the extra $128.77 per day is enough to cover lunch, dinner, tips for hotel wait staff, and the additional cost of movies on TV. Obviously, his idea is catching on as his post has been shared more than 94,000 times.

He even plans on using the city bus stop which has free rides for seniors in some cities and the airport shuttle will even take you to some different restaurants in the terminal if you wish. Oh, and while you’re there, hop a flight somewhere or else “the cash keeps building up.”

Making things even better is that if you do take a flight, you can have your “home” with you by staying in a Holiday Inn wherever you travel. The only problem some people may find with Terry Robison’s plan is the need for medical care, but he’s already prepared for that too. If something happens, he states Medicare will pay for it and you just need someone to call an ambulance for you.

Nursing homes? Not if you have a Holiday Inn nearby and a plan.