Ariana Grande Rocks Signature Ponytail In Latest Instagram Snap

Theo WargoGetty Images

Less than an hour ago, Ariana Grande treated her massive Instagram following of 146 million fans to a sweet photo, featuring herself rocking her signature high ponytail.

While the snapshot is very dark in terms of brightness, Grande can be seen rocking a black crop top with spaghetti straps, that put a hint of her toned tummy on display. Wearing what appeared to be a dark lip color, Grande had her eyes closed, showcasing her bold black mascara. The 25-year-old singing sensation appeared to have her arms pulled into a self-embrace.

Her lengthy tresses flowed down her tiny frame in all directions, as she stood in front of a solid black background. Despite being a dark and simple photo which, at the time of writing, was posted less than an hour ago, Grande’s followers quickly showered the photo with over 1.2 million likes and over 17,000 comments.

“You are the cutest person in the world,” one individual gushed in the comments.

“Beautiful picture,” a second added.

Many others stuck to single word complements and heart emoji as they praised the young singer on everything, including her hair, beauty, and intense mascara.

As Grande reminded her followers in the caption of the photo, she is currently gearing up for her “Sweetener World Tour.”

As This Is Insider reminds us, Grande started wearing her hair in that high ponytail — which she’s rocking in her latest Instagram snapshot — roughly five years ago. The singer revealed her now signature look was the only hairstyle she could pull off, taking into account how damaged her hair was half a decade ago.

What was once a style compromise quickly turned into a part of the singing sensation’s identity, as she admits she loves the hairdo so much now that she just can’t imagine herself without it.

Ariana’s high ponytail is so well-known for being part of her style, that it is not uncommon for other celebrities to be referred to as wearing “Grande’s hairstyle” when they sport the same ponytail.

Grande’s signature ponytail is such a hot topic, that it even landed its own skit during an episode of Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show. During the skit, Ariana’s hair came to life as it answered the phone, helped Jimmy get something to drink, signed an autograph, and fought crime after a bad guy stole a woman’s purse.

The two-minute skit has been viewed over four million times since it was published on YouTube back in September of last year.