Who's Richer: Kate Middleton Or Meghan Markle?

Being a duchess is a pretty plum position. You get to wear big hats, look glamorous, hang around with members of the royal family, and the role usually comes with a vast amount of wealth. But the question every material girl wants to know is -- who has more spending power, Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle?

Now while neither Middleton or Markle come from what the Brits love to term as "old money," they both, due to circumstances and the sheer brute force of tenacity, live a very affluent life, and can afford to pamper themselves with the luxury and indulgences the common folk can only dream about.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the blue corner you have "Cambridge," a cool and calm representative of the old guard, and in the red corner you have "Sussex," a brash and bold newcomer from the other side of the pond. Ring the bell and let the bout begin.

The Express reports that Middleton is no stranger to a life of privilege. The Duchess of Cambridge came from a well-to-do family before she met Prince William at St. Andrews University.

Kate's mom may have once been an air hostess and her great grand-daddy a coal-miner, but by the time she was of courting age, the family's party planning business was said to be worth a cool $8 million. At the last estimate it was worth roughly $50 million.

Although her mom may have been a career woman with her eye on the main prize, the work ethic didn't rub off all that much on Kate. After graduating in 2005 with a 2:1 in Art History she found gainful employment at fashion chain Jigsaw, as a part-time assistant accessories buyer.

Jigsaw's co-founder Belle Robinson employed Kate three days a week and explained, "She needed an element of flexibility to continue the relationship with a very high-profile man."

Needless to say, Kate's boss was keen to sing her employee's praises and added, "I have to say I was so impressed with her."

Impressed or not, Kate left the job in 2008 to work for the Middleton's family business - Party Pieces. The duchess was in charge of photography and editing brochures, and the position sure had its perks because at the same time, Kate was living in a $2 million flat in London, owned by her parents.

Of course when she married Prince William, he came with the $50 million fortune he inherited from his father, Prince Charles's estate.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attend day twelve of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships
Getty Images | Clive Mason

Markle, on the other hand, boasted a net $5 million before she even met Prince Harry. She may have come from humble beginnings but the Duchess of Sussex made a lot of her fortune playing Rachel Zane on the television show Suits.

Her and Harry's fortune combined is quite considerable. Harry is said to be worth around $70 million. A large chunk of it is from money left to him by Princess Diana and his former salary as a British Army Captain.

On the strength of it, Markle appears to just lord it over Kate when it comes to spending power. That will probably change when Prince William becomes king however.