MLB Rumors: Bryce Harper’s Favorite City Isn’t A Team Still In The Running, But Here Is Where He’ll Go

Dustin BradfordGetty Images

Bryce Harper’s status is still up in the air as of Saturday night and no one knows with 100 percent certainty where he may land. A couple of teams have already dropped out of the running for the All-Star, but the Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, and San Diego Padres are the remaining teams on the prowl. Even though one of those three teams will likely sign him, Harper’s favorite city isn’t even one of them.

The Padres signed Manny Machado to a monster deal and there had been talks of them landing Harper as well. If they were able to swing that signing, it would likely be the start of a “Super Team” of NBA proportions as The Inquisitr recently reported.

While Harper has bounced around in the rumors from one team to another, the Philadelphia Phillies appear to have been the most consistent. They have stayed in the chase for a long time and appear to be the team that has the highest probability of signing him, but are they Harper’s top choice?

MLB Network insider John Heyman has been keeping track of everything and his Twitter account has been a huge source of information. Late on Saturday evening, Heyman reported that Harper will likely end up in Philadelphia, but the Phillies are not his city of choice.

The New York Yankees were never in the chase for Harper and a lot of people found that shockingly odd. The Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox have hardly been mentioned in any of the rumors to sign him, but it’s not shocking that the former Washington National wanted to head to a big market team.

Still, it’s good news that Harper loves the Northeast and is not just content with the Phillies, but he’s more than happy to land there if it happens. Judging by the last 24 hours, it wouldn’t be shocking if that’s what happened too.

Late on Friday night, Phillies owner John Middleton landed in his plane in Las Vegas which is where Harper resides. No deal was struck that night and nothing much happened during the day on Saturday, but it appears as if he’s not heading out until Harper is a Philly.

Middleton is far from the only one that wants to see the Bryce Harper saga finally over either. Many of the Philadelphia fans would like to see the rumors finally laid to rest and this whole situation come to a close.

Bryce Harper is truly one of the biggest free agents in MLB history, but a lot of people are tired of the rumors, tired of the back-and-forth, and they’re just ready for it to be over. As frustrating as it may be for many fans, they’d be ecstatic if he ended up signing with their ball club. While Harper may have preferred the Cubs or Yankees or Red Sox, signing a mega-deal with the Philadelphia Phillies is far from a consolation prize.