If The MLB Rumors Are True, Bryce Harper Could Make The Padres A Super-Team Of NBA Proportions

The Bryce Harper saga in Major League Baseball has honestly become just as confusing and as interesting as the Anthony Davis ordeal in the NBA. Oddly enough, the two have more in common than many people may have realized, and the proceedings have taken a strange turn lately. While a number of teams have been chasing after Harper, the San Diego Padres have now emerged as possible favorites — and that could start some trouble in Major League Baseball.

Just one day ago, ESPN reported that Manny Machado had finally reached a deal — and it was with the Padres. The All-Star third baseman signed a 10-year deal worth $300 million, which is the biggest free-agent contract in American sports history. But that record may not last long.

As reported by The Inquisitr, the Philadelphia Phillies may be growing tired of waiting on Bryce Harper — and rumors are flying that the Padres may want to step in. Philadelphia has reportedly offered Harper a deal of $330 million over 10 years, but he has yet to sign it, and may not do so at all.

It appears as if Harper wants to give the Padres a chance, and he seemingly likes the idea of playing alongside Machado. Now, if this ends up happening, it would instantly make the Padres contenders — and move them into the “super-team” status that numerous NBA franchises have been trying to accomplish.

Of course, this is nothing more than a rumor at this point.

It’s well known that Harper has met with the Phillies and the San Francisco Giants, and a host of other teams. The Washington Nationals are apparently not willing to pay Harper big-time money to keep him, but there are plenty of others willing to do just that.

Manny Machado is now a member of the San Diego Padres, and there is no changing that. He has the biggest contract ever given to a free agent in American sports history, and the team now seems willing to up that amount for Bryce Harper.

Could this be the start of super teams in Major League Baseball?

The Golden State Warriors have done it. The Los Angeles Lakers have been trying to do it, with the possible acquisition of Anthony Davis and others. “Super Teams” are a real thing in professional sports, and that is most certainly true in the NBA.

With the amount of money that can be spent in Major League Baseball, super teams wouldn’t be out of the question at all.

Many people have accused the New York Yankees of constructing a “super team” in the past. The same claims have been thrown at the Boston Red Sox and others, as well. Now, the San Diego Padres have already signed one of the biggest free agents in MLB history — and rumor has it that the other is giving them a chance to land him, too.

The San Diego Padres haven’t won more than 77 games in a season since 2010, when they had 90. They still finished second that year. Their last division title was in 2006, and they’ve found it hard to hop out of fourth place — or even the cellar of the NL West. Manny Machado signing with the team is surely going to bolster them this season, but if they can sign Bryce Harper too?

Well, then the Padres may very well be on their way to a “Super Team” of NBA proportions.

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