Teddy Turner: My Dad Ted Turner Is Way Too Liberal [Video]

Teddy Tuner keeps try to reassure voters that his political views are nothing like his dad’s, CNN founder Ted Turner.

Teddy Turner is running for Congress from South Carolina in the crowded March 19 GOP primary, and according to Politico,

“He’s been trashing his dad every chance he gets to show voters of the 1st Congressional District he’s not some tree-hugging lefty — or worse yet, Jane Fonda’s son.”

Other then politics, the Turners actually appear to have a close relationship.

The 1st Congressional District is generally considered safe Republican territory. The Charleston-area House of Representatives seat became vacant when incumbent Tim Scott was appointed to the US Senate by Gov. Nikki Haley upon the resignation of former Sen. Jim DeMint.

Teddy Turner is not a high-flying media mogul like his dad. He’s a high school economics teacher in Charleston. Teddy Turner describes himself as pro life, pro traditional marriage, and pro Second Amendment in contrast to his dad who increasingly went left as he got older.

In an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor, Teddy Turner explained how his politics gravitated toward the right of the political spectrum:

“Four years of military college at The Citadel and two years in the Soviet union [as a CNN cameraman], if that doesn’t make you a conservative, nothing will.”

There are at least 10 Republicans running in the primary, among them comeback-minded former Gov. Mark Sanford who ended his second term under a cloud owing to an extramarital affair. Stephen Colbert’s sister is running on the Democrat side.

The likelihood, however, is that whoever emerges victorious in the GOP primary will — barring any idiotic, offensive comments about rape — go on to win the general election.

Watch the Teddy Turner interview on FNC:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/aSdJQj-LmAA?rel=0? width=”560? height=”315?]

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