'There Is A Pathological Symbiosis Between Donald Trump And His Supporters,' Says Psychiatrist

Considered a mercurial leader by many, President Donald Trump is often described as mentally unstable and unfit for office. Most recently, as reported by The Inquisitr, Veteran journalist and Trump biographer, David Cay Johnston, described the president as a "clear and present danger" to the United States, and to the world.

Many have echoed this sentiment. Perhaps most vocal of all are Yale psychiatrist Dr. Bandy Lee's protests. Lee has long urged that Donald Trump undergoes a psychiatric evaluation, rarely shying away from expressing her opinions -- which, she notes, do not reflect the professional opinion of Yale University -- publicly and candidly.

In an interview with Salon published Friday, Lee discussed Donald Trump's mental health again, focusing on what she describes as a "pathological symbiosis" between Trump and his supporters, and on the state of America under President Trump.

Lee kicked off the discussion by explaining that mental health professionals have long warned about the dangers of having Trump in office and the potentially traumatizing effects of his presidency. According to Lee, since Donald Trump's mind is "pathological," it is inevitable that he continues to create chaos.

Lee opined that having a "mentally impaired" president is much more dangerous than having a "criminal" one since research shows that "delusional" leaders are far more effective at making others agree with their agenda, as opposed to purely "criminal" politicians.

The psychiatrist touched on a common misconception that mentally "impaired" individuals are "disabled," opining that mental impairment actually allows "primitive emotional forces" to take over, which is far more dangerous.

"Human beings are malleable creatures," Lee stressed, claiming that the United States is falling into a "pathological" state under President Donald Trump.

"Our ability to recognize that something is a problem starts to diminish, as a person or society falls ever more deeply into the pathology and collective sickness," she said.

According to the Yale psychiatrist, Americans are "suffering" under Donald Trump, which is why they are becoming more agitated and anxious -- which is part of the reason hate crimes are on the rise, according to Lee -- and also more vulnerable to the "false beliefs" that Donald Trump often propagates.

According to Lee, those who do not support Donald Trump are "exhausted" from having to deal with his supporters. The president's strongest supporters, according to the psychiatrist, have been conditioned by the president to believe everything he says, even if it directly contradicts reality. They are a vulnerable group of people, looking for someone "bigger, stronger, and more capable" than they are.

"There is a pathological symbiosis between Donald Trump and his supporters," Lee concluded.