Taylor Swift Shares Adorable Image Of Her Very Grumpy Scottish Fold, Calls Cat Her ‘Purrito’

Taylor Swift may be famous for her chart-topping hits, her massive fan base and following, and her fresh-faced beauty — but today, Taylor Swift took to Instagram to share some of her fame with her adorable female Scottish Fold, Meredith.

In her most recent Instagram share, the pop starlet featured a very grumpy looking Scottish Fold being buried under mounds of plush white blankets, the cat being sandwiched between these and an expensive-looking seafoam-colored couch. The cat appears to have some tabby in its genetic lineage, as the signature mackerel markings can be seen across its coat, in particular the prominent “M” marking atop its head, between the flattened ears. Bright white paws can also be seen flanking the fur baby’s face, and slightly slitted eyes glare just beyond the camera lens.

Meredith is this particular kitty’s name, at least according to The Daily Mail, and she has an adopted sister in the household as well — a gray Scottish Fold named Olivia. Describing Olivia as a cat with strange sitting and napping habits and Meredith as “preferring to stare angrily from a distance,” WideOpenPets seems to have nailed the two animals’ personalities almost effortlessly.

One thing is for sure — these cats seem to be somewhat predictably spoiled. Showered by the love of their adoptive mother and given all of the niceties that such a lavish lifestyle might afford, Meredith nonetheless persists in her evident moodiness.


Captioning the comical snapshot simply, referring to her cute cat as a “purrito” in this pose, Taylor Swift showcased her funny bone and her comedy chops all at once. Her most serious devotees also appeared to appreciate the effort, offering up over 420,000 likes in record time. While comments were disabled on the snapshot — an eccentricity which Taylor Swift frequently employs on her Instagram shares — it’s quite clear that the picture has the potential to be a big hit on the internet, where cats and pop music rule.

Taylor Swift has made headlines most recently for planning a pre-Oscars date night with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn. As Elle reports, Swift is notoriously private in terms of her romantic relationships, and is rarely photographed in the company of her significant other. Last night, however, the two attended a pre-Oscars party in each other’s company.

“The couple was photographed at a pre-Oscars bash, though by guests and not in an official red carpet capacity. The two were shot next to each other though, so they weren’t really hiding the fact they were each other’s date to partygoers. In the past when Swift has attended after parties for Alwyn’s movie premieres, she’s just been photographed on her own (and not on the red carpet.)”

Whether the big news is about her cats or about her still-strong career, her fans and followers simply can’t wait to see what she shares with them next.