Three Children Left Home Alone Die In Fire

Three children were reportedly left home alone and died in an apartment fire on Monday in Michigan.

The identities of the three children have not been released, but Brian Uridge, assistant chief of public safety, told reporters the ages of two of the children were three, and the third child was one.

Uridge, who was at the scene, recounts the tragedy:

“You could see smoke from blocks away. The main floor of the apartment building was engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived, and they found three kids who had already perished as a result of the fire.”

According to CNN it is still too early to press charges on the parents, who were present at the scene. The investigation is currently ongoing, but most signs point to the three children being left home alone.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the apartment fire broke out around 2 p.m. Two apartments were involved, one was destroyed and the other was severely damaged. Most theories have the blaze starting on the first floor and spreading to the second floor.

While attempting to make their way into the burning apartment using a ladder, one firefighter was injured.

If initial reports are true and the three deceased children were left home alone, the parents could face severe charges. Anytime a child’s safety is in question by the parents, they face severe charges. One mother recently had her child taken away after he brought a gun to school. Another mother has been charged with child neglect for getting her son drunk.

What kind of charges do you think these parent will get after this unfortunate tragedy?

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