NBA Rumors: Golden State Warriors Could Sign Robin Lopez Before March 1 Deadline, Per ‘SB Nation’

The Golden State Warriors let the February NBA trade deadline pass without moving a finger, showing how confident they are that they can easily win the 2019 NBA championship with their current roster. Despite the improvements made by several title contenders, the Warriors remain as the heavy favorite to take home the Larry O’Brien Trophy in the 2018-19 NBA season. If they stay away from injuries, Golden State could enter the Western Conference Playoffs 2019 with a starting lineup featuring five NBA All-Stars.

However, unexpected things do happen in the NBA, especially when the games get more physical in the postseason. According to SB Nation’s Golden State Of Mind, the Warriors may consider targeting a starting caliber center who is, or will be, available on the buyout market before the March 1 playoff eligibility waiver deadline to serve as insurance if DeMarcus Cousins suffers another injury.

The Warriors may have Kevon Looney and Jordan Bell to back up DeMarcus Cousins, but neither of those two is a proven starter. Also, with their size, both Looney and Bell can be easily bullied by other starting centers in the league.

Some of the potential targets for the Warriors on the buyout market include Marcin Gortat, Zach Randolph, Frank Kaminsky, Greg Monroe, and Robin Lopez. Of all those big men, SB Nation’s Golden State Of Mind believes Lopez will be the best option for Golden State.

“Lopez has been linked to the Warriors for quite some time now, and it makes sense. Golden State offers a winning environment for an 11-year veteran who’s only made the playoffs four times, and never made it past of the second round. And Lopez would bring size and strength to a Warriors team that could use both of those things, as well as veteran leadership.”

At this point in his NBA career, Robin Lopez will be better off playing for a legitimate title contender than staying on a rebuilding team like the Bulls. The Warriors are the only team in the league who can give Lopez the best chance of winning his first NBA title. Even if DeMarcus Cousins remains healthy, Lopez will still be a good addition to the Warriors, giving them a big man who is a dominant presence under the basket and won’t think twice about doing the dirty works.

Unfortunately, Robin Lopez remains an official member of the Bulls. Though most people expect him to be available before the March 1 playoff eligibility waiver deadline, the Bulls haven’t shown any indication that they are planning to buy out Lopez’s contract.