WWE Rumors: Matt Hardy Reveals Contract Status, Might Be Hinting At Departure From Company

Amid all the confirmed and rumored reports of WWE superstars either requesting their release or, at the very least, planning their exit from the company, Matt Hardy might have teased at his imminent WWE exit through his most recent social media activity.

On Thursday morning, Hardy took to Twitter to share a throwback photo from 2014 where he was holding two title belts from separate independent promotions. In the caption, Hardy noted that he had worked in “dozens of territories” at that time, adding that he has “always felt comfortable” outside of WWE.

As detailed by Bleacher Report, Matt Hardy’s throwback post drew a response from a fan, who suggested that the 44-year-old WWE veteran might have to delete his “thinly-veiled, passive-aggressive threat” to leave the company. Hardy then replied to the fan while partly in character, but also dropped some information on how much time he has remaining before his current WWE contract expires.

“Not a threat at all, just a fact. I have 11 days left on my current deal. I love @WWE, but I’m 100% comfortable being outside the walls of pro wrestling’s ‘Alexandria’ Safe-Zone. I’m a born SURVIVALIST.”

Hardy concluded his reply by telling the fan that he will not delete his previous tweet about being comfortable away from WWE.

As of this writing, it has been six months since Hardy was last on WWE television and five months since he shared a video on Twitter that seemed to confirm he was retiring from professional wrestling as he continued to deal with nagging injuries. Per WhatCulture, Hardy eventually clarified that he wasn’t planning to retire after all and had even hinted at a potential return to the ring in recent weeks. However, the publication similarly speculated that Hardy’s tweets from Thursday could be a sign that he doesn’t plan to re-sign with WWE when his contract comes up.

As further noted by WhatCulture, Matt Hardy’s ongoing WWE run has been a “moderate success,” albeit one that has been marred by the disappointment of not being able to “go all-in” on the “Broken” gimmick that was such a hit when he was in Impact Wrestling. While Hardy’s “Woken” version of his old character contained several elements of the original, the outlet added that it mostly hasn’t gotten over with fans like the “Broken” gimmick did in Impact.

On a related note, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Matt’s younger brother, Jeff Hardy, is also nearing the end of his WWE contract. It’s not clear if Jeff also has 10 days remaining on his deal as of this writing, but it was noted that both WWE and the Hardys are “working to come to an agreement” on their future with the company.