Chrissy Teigen And Princess Beatrice Share Royal Twitter Exchange

It was just last year when Chrissy Teigen and her hubby, John Legend, dressed up as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip for an adorable Halloween couple’s costume. Now, Teigen has had a run-in with some real life royalty on Twitter.

As People reported, Teigen — who tweets out her most random, hilarious thoughts at any given moment — took to the platform to share with her fans that she thinks Bea is an adorable name for a baby girl. She begged her friends and followers to use the name should they birth a baby girl, and quipped that she would be honored to be the godmother of a baby named Bea.

Princess Beatrice took the time to reply to Teigen, and the hysterical exchange had the model up in arms over the ordeal.

“I would adore to be your goddaughter,” the princess tweeted in reply to Teigen. The mom of two promptly lost her mind, and retweeted the exchange with several “oh my gods” added, in apparent disbelief.

Princess Beatrice of York is one of the few members of the royal family to have a personal social media account. The Fab Four — William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan — update the public on their whereabouts and events through the official Kensington accounts. However, Beatrice and her sister, Eugenie, have Twitter accounts — as well as Instagram pages — that they handle on their own.

Though most of the princess’ tweets and updates are typical official royal business by nature, this drift from political and royal news is a refreshing one.

Fans of both Teigen and Princess Beatrice went wild for the tweet, liking and commenting on the exchange, one which has been retweeted over 3,000 times. Some of Teigen’s followers even showed off their own kids who they have given the sweet name to, and told the model they would take her up on her offer to be the godmother. Others showed off their pets with the name Bea, and others sent Teigen giggle-inducing GIFs of Golden Girls legend Bea Arthur.

Teigen, who has amassed an insane following on Twitter — one comprised of over 10.8 million users — is a pro on the platform. She frequently updates her fans on the kooky circumstances faced by herself, her husband, and her two children. As The Inquisitr previously shared, Teigen and Legend recently spent a lazy Sunday arguing with each other over pizza rolls through a series of tweets aimed at one another.

The duo went back and forth on their preferred methods to get the precisely perfect amount of crispiness to the Tostino’s, which Grammy-winner Legend conveniently ordered on Postmates. Teigen captured every moment — from the silly arguments to the pizza heading in to the oven — and ended it all with a snap of herself enjoying the fruits of her labor. Her followers loved it, and it showed once again just how laid back the funny couple is.