How Many Kids Does Offset Have?

In his debut album, Father Of 4, rapper Offset reveals a more vulnerable side by giving his children a rare appearance.

The Migos sensation, whose real name is Kiari Cephus, has a total of four children - Jordan, 9, Kody, 3, Kaelea, 3 and Kulture, 6 months. He had his first child Jordan when he was in high school, long before Migos became a household name. While Offset has always been private about his children, he told Esquire that he wanted to share a more positive aspect of his life with the world. His mission for a more positive image was the inspiration behind his album cover, which shows he and his blended brood dressed like royalty as Offset sits on a throne at the center of the photo, holding baby Kulture. The 27-year-old gushed about his children for his profile in Esquire on Thursday.

"Have you seen my kids?! They're beautiful," Offset commented to Esquire in his new profile. "I cried to myself while I was doing this album 'cause I was talking about my story and my kids. When I did a song, I started getting memories of my grandma, my struggles, my partner that was killed, the thoughts I had while I was incarcerated, and my kids' faces were there in my head. I love my kids, this is who I do it for."

While Offset discusses playing a hands-on role in his children's lives, he admits his own upbringing was completely different. He told the magazine that, until recently, he didn't remember what his father looked like until his uncle showed him a picture. He said the two hadn't spoken to each other in three years and before that hadn't seen him since he turned 12-years-old. Offset told the magazine that if he were to speak to his father now and he asked to see him, the rapper would take care of him financially, but wouldn't want to have him a part of his or his family's life.

"If my daddy called me right now," he says, "I'd get on a jet, buy him a house, give him a million dollars, and I won't talk to him for another 10 years. At least I'd know he's straight."

The father of four's debut album is a personal view from the rapper who, alongside his group members, creates music for people to dance to at clubs or parties, but he is now working on becoming a more positive role model for his children and fans of his music. He also said he hopes the album stands on its own rather than his recent rumors about his relationship status with his wife, Cardi B.

"I want the album to stick," he said. "It's my masterpiece."