Kylie Jenner Makes Her First Appearance In Public Since Scandal, Uses Clutch To Hide From Paparazzi

Kylie Jenner made her first public appearance since the alleged cheating scandal involving her friend Jordyn Woods and her sister Khloe Kardashian’s now-ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson.

The star was spotted by members of the paparazzi on Thursday afternoon in Calabasas, California. According to Us Weekly, Jenner was busy shopping with close friend Heather Sanders at the time.

Jenner reportedly did not respond too well to the sudden flurry of attention. In fact, she opted for one of the oldest tactics in the book, clumsily hiding behind her fashionably small, black leather purse and a crimson Cartier satchel in order to defend herself from the sensation-hungry press photographers.

Jenner tried to keep a low profile with her outfit of choice as well. She cloaked her body in an oversized, light brown, furry coat with enlarged lapels and snug pockets. Opting for maximum comfort, she also wore a casual, laid-back, black hoodie. Unfortunately, despite her efforts to remain incognito, the press photographers did recognize her.

This was Jenner’s first public outing since the news about the cheating scandal broke out on the early hours of Monday morning. Aside from an Instagram Story, she largely removed herself from the unfolding of the events, opting to remain silent about the issue instead. According to Cosmopolitan, the Instagram Story can be taken as a confession in itself, because it captures the celebrity star casting a miserable glance at the camera. However, the recently published candid snaps barely offer themselves up for such interpretation – they merely show the star trying her best to hide away from paparazzi.

As The Inquisitr reveals, Kylie instructed her old friend and close confidante, Jordyn Woods, to move out of her house just yesterday. Per People, Woods has also taken extraordinary measures with the release of the new “Jordy Velvet Liquid Lipstick Lip Kit,” having decided to radically cut the price of the product in a symbolic gesture that hints not-so-subtly at her current feelings about the affair. These incidents indicate that Jordyn has made up her mind about her current situation.

Meanwhile, the Kardashians have also reportedly changed their attitude, no longer pressing Kylie quite so adamantly to take action. Quoting an insider source close to the family, an Us Weekly article vouches that the star is no longer expected to cut all ties with Woods for good.

“Jordyn and Kylie are sisters and inseparable best friends. The family doesn’t expect them to not be friends anymore. Time will dictate what happens here.”

Furthermore, as People reveals, Woods has been having a hard time trying to cope with the events as well. According to the article, the plus-size model is full of regret, ready to make matters right as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

For what it’s worth, Kylie wasn’t shopping for a gift for Jordyn at the time the candid snap was taken.