Identical Twin Quadruplets Arrive In Rare Texas Birth, No Fertility Drugs Used

Kim LaCapria

Identical twin quadruplets have been born to a Texas couple, a rare event for a couple that had planned on a family of four -- and ended up with a family of seven.

The identical twin quadruplets were born to Tressa Montalvo, 36, and husband Manuel Montalvo, Jr., 43. Parents to a son already, the Montalvos wanted to give him a brother or sister -- and it appears they overshot the mark a little. (Though everyone seems very happy.)

The identical twin quadruplets were revealed when, during an exam, a doctor thought he heard a third heartbeat. The couple visited another specialist, who gave them the shocking news -- ABC explains:

"Montalvo and her husband, Manuel Montalvo Jr., 43, thought they were having twins until their doctor detected a third fetal heartbeat. They were then referred to a maternal fetal medicine specialist, Dr. Brian Kirshon, who found a fourth heartbeat."
"We couldn't have been more surprised when Dr. Kirshon told us we were having four babies and that they were two sets of twins ... We were trying for one little brother or sister for our two-and-a-half year old son, Memphis."
"No fertility drugs were used. We planned the pregnancy — I guess we just succeeded a little too much!"

The identical twin quadruplets arrived on Valentine's Day at Houston's Women's Hospital Of Texas -- and believe it or not, in the above pic, that's Tressa Montalvo all refreshed-looking just days after giving birth to little Ace, Blaine, Cash, and Dylan.

While the identical twin quadruplets were a large blessing to the now far larger family, the couple admit they would also still like to have a daughter.