February 21, 2019
'Wendy Williams Show' Will Now Air Reruns As Show's Future Hangs In Balance

The Wendy Williams Show has undergone vast changes over the last several months. Now the latest reports have raised serious concerns about the future production of the show. According to Radar Online, The Wendy Williams Show will begin airing reruns on Monday, February 25. Another alarming development centers on the day-to-day operations.

It has been reported that Wendy Williams and her husband, Kevin Hunter, are no longer being included in communications about the day-to-day operations of the show. In fact, reports have confirmed the famed couple doesn't even receive emails about the production as they did in the past.

"She is 100 percent not involved. [The network is] no longer including [Wendy] on planning emails. Every decision is now being made with zero conversations with Wendy."
The developments have come as a bit of a shock to Wendy Williams' fans but based on the happenings over the last several months, the demise of the show seemed evident. Initially, reports revealed Wendy's staffers were relieved that she'd taken time off.

Day-to-day operations were reportedly a lot smoother without Wendy and Kevin on the set. However, worry is now starting to set in as the show's future hangs in the balance. An insider shared details about Wendy's staff.

"It has been a struggle. Staff have not heard from Wendy and are concerned for the future of their jobs."
The latest news follows a string of reports about The Wendy Williams Show. Last year, Wendy opted to go on an abrupt hiatus citing complications of Grave's disease. However, numerous reports have suggested that she may be battling far more than just her health complications. As previously reported on Inquisitr, Wendy Williams' husband Kevin Hunter is reportedly a major contributor to the problems she is faced with in her personal life.

From rumors of long-term affairs to physical abuse, Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter have faced heightened scrutiny for their seemingly tumultuous marriage. Reports even revealed Kevin was living a double life and had purchased a home with his mistress just miles from the home he shares with Wendy. To make matters worse, there were even rumors of a love child. However, Wendy Williams has refuted all of the rumors, and she's made it clear she'll always stand by her husband.

During one of her own Hot Topics segments on The Wendy Williams Show, she addressed the situation everyone had been wondering about - her own marriage.
"It's some sort of weird story going around the internet regarding my husband. Look, I'm a straight shooter. Pow, pow. All you got to do is Google him and you see the story. You can believe what you want, but I stand by my guy."