World’s First Armless Pilot Travels The Globe As A Motivational Speaker

Jessica Cox is the world’s first armless pilot. The remarkable young woman also plays the piano and has two Taekwondo blackbelts. When Cox isn’t in busy with her hobbies, she travels the world as a motivational speaker.

Online videos of Cox showcase her engaging in activities that many people would have considered impossible for a person without arms to accomplish. Jessica has been videotaped surfing and skillfully using chopsticks with her toes. The world’s first armless pilot will soon be traveling to Ethiopia to help families learn to help children born with disabilities, MSN reports.

Like Tisha Unarmed, Jessica Cox cast side her prosthetic arms at a young age and learned how to adapt to the world on her own terms. Due to a rare birth defect, Jessica was born without arms. Despite having to do get creative when learning how to accomplish the simplest of tasks, Cox was determined to live a normal life.

She uses her feet to drive a car and spent three years learning how to fly a plane, BBC News notes. Cox refers to flying as the most powerful feeling she has ever known. The feeling of freedom and her positive spirit has helped Jessica overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

After overcoming her anger about being born “differently abled” Jessica Cox focused on what she what wanted to achieve in life and set out to meet those goals. She decided she would learn how to adapt to the world instead of yearning for the world to adapt to her.

The world’s first armless pilot has traveled to 17 countries to address eager audiences. The 30-year-old woman married her former Taekwondo instructor in 2012.

[Image Via: The Real Way 2 Success]