‘Empire’ Star Kaitlin Doubleday Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

Kaitlin Doubleday’s family recently announced that the 34-year-old Empire actress is the new mother of a baby boy. Doubleday and her husband, Devin Lucien, have been married since May 2016, and this is the couple’s first child.

The news about Doubleday’s newborn son, Franklin, was first announced on Wednesday by Doubleday’s sister, Portia Doubleday, who stars in Mr. Robot.

“BABY FRANKLIN HAS ARRIVED!!! That’s my nephew!” Portia Doubleday announced on her Instagram account alongside a picture of Franklin, according to Extra.

Despite the Wednesday announcement, Baby Franklin was officially born on Tuesday, February 19. Portia’s Instagram post displayed the first picture released of the newborn. In Portia’s photograph, baby Franklin appears quietly sleeping in a dog-printed hat.

So far, Portia Doubleday is the only family member to have posted any pictures about Franklin’s birth. Neither Kaitlin Doubleday nor her husband Lucien has posted anything on their social media accounts. However, Kaitlin has responded actively to Portia’s posts about Franklin, confirming news of the birth.

“Wow, he’s delicious looking,” Kaitlin said in response to Portia’s Instagram post, according to Extra.

Kaitlin initially remained silent about her pregnancy for several months, and only revealed her condition to the public four months ago. Kaitlin’s pregnancy became official news after the actress posted a picture of her baby bump on her Instagram account back in October.

“Well, I’ve been wearing pretty tents, not partying at weddings [sad face emoji], eating everything in sight, dreaming about [sushi and wine emojis] and ADVIL, cleaning out my garage, laying around thinking about how much I love Kathleen Zellner all day, and just thanking the pregnancy Gods that I’m finally not nauseas anymore,” Kaitlin wrote about her baby bump picture on Instagram from October, according to Pop Culture. “Although now he really feels more like an incredibly strong fish…maybe even a baby dolphin. And he’ll be here around Valentines Day 2019! Wow, it feels pretty official now that it’s on social media. I can’t believe I’m gonna be someone’s mom. Pray for us!”

Kaitlin Doubleday and Devin Lucien were engaged for a year before they wed in Paris almost two years ago. The two also announced their engagement publicly on Instagram prior to their wedding.

Kaitlin Doubleday’s happy news may help alleviate some of the current stress surrounding her co-stars on the set of Empire. Recently, her co-star, Jussie Smollet, became embroiled in a controversy that accuses him of staging an attack on himself.