'General Hospital' Wednesday Spoilers: Ryan Wreaks Havoc, Laura Explodes, And Franco Enters A Plea

Spoilers tease that General Hospital will be packed with intensity on Wednesday, and fans will not want to miss this one. The action shifts back to the Ryan chaos again, but it looks like there's action on several other fronts coming up during this episode, too.

The last that viewers saw of Ryan, he had just injected Laura with something that knocked her out. She'd followed him to Ferncliff and discovered that Kevin was there, and fans were left hanging at that point. As the Inquisitr has noted, Ryan will now get both Kevin and Laura away from Ferncliff to somewhere more remote.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Ryan will be snarky as he taunts Laura and Kevin about voices from the past. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Laura will rage at him, calling him a monster, but Ryan probably won't be at all rattled by that.

As Ryan gets Laura and Kevin settled into their new living quarters, Ava will meet with Julian. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she'll be struggling a great deal, telling her brother that she's barely holding on at this point. Based on the teasers shared by She Knows Soaps, it sounds as if this emotional outburst may come after Julian says something that signifies doubt on his part in regard to her loyalties.

Lulu will get a phone call from someone that seems to be significant, and Cameron will be having another intense conversation with his mother. He may be reacting to the news that Liz married Franco, and Cam's anger is going to carry over into Thursday's episode in some way.

Wednesday's show also brings quite a bit with Nina and those connected to her. Peter and Maxie are anxious to get the DNA testing done to see if they can bust Sasha, while Valentin will confront Sasha over trying to talk Nina out of remarrying him.

As that is all playing out, Nina will be talking to somebody and asking if the person will help her. Sadly, Nina is completely clueless that there's anything amiss regarding Valentin and Sasha, and it looks like she'll be facing a new round of heartbreak soon.

There's also more with Franco on the way, as General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will head to court to enter his plea. Jordan has pressured him to plead guilty as a way of luring the real suspect out of the woodwork, and she's insisted that he tell nobody else about their plan.

Some fans have speculated that this plan of Jordan's could turn into a disaster. For example, there's been buzz that something might happen to Jordan that would leave her unable to confirm any claims of Franco's that he isn't really guilty.

That would be a twist that would really complicate things, but so far, nothing has confirmed the storyline will head in this direction. However, it would throw a major wrench into Franco and Jordan's plan.

After months of things moving slowly on all of these storylines, things have really kicked into high gear, and fans are anxious to see what happens next. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers as they become available, and don't miss Wednesday's show to see all of the drama that's on the way.