'General Hospital' Spoilers: Dominic Zamprogna Shown With Emme Rylan On Set As Dante Returns To Port Charles

General Hospital spoilers have been teasing that big developments are on the horizon, and one of those involves the return of Dante Falconeri. While viewers will have to wait a bit longer to find out exactly when Dante pops up again, actor Dominic Zamprogna is on the set, and fans are excited to see where this heads.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Zamprogna teased via Twitter that he might be back on the General Hospital set. It was soon confirmed that Dom was returning to the role of Dante, which makes perfect sense given what's going on in Port Charles with his wife Lulu right now.

Unfortunately, it's said that Zamprogna isn't back permanently. However, it does appear that this is more than a one-episode stint like he did a few months ago. Little is known right now in terms of General Hospital spoilers related to what comes next for Dante and Lulu. However, it does look like Zamprogna and actress Emme Rylan are excited to be together again.

A photo showing Rylan and Zamprogna together on the set was recently shared via the General Hospital Twitter page. It was tagged as being a behind-the-scenes shot and both Dom and Emme were smiling as they had their arms wrapped around one another's shoulders.

Fans know that Emme was very sad to see Dominic leave the show last year. The character of Dante left Port Charles to tackle some undercover work, and viewers have seen some tense, one-sided phone calls as Lulu struggles with his absence. Once Lulu was attacked, there was talk of trying to find Dante.

Now, General Hospital spoilers reveal that his ongoing absence will be addressed. The buzz is that it will soon be revealed that Dante is in serious trouble, and everybody will be curious to see how things with Zamprogna's brief return will be wrapped up and what that means for Lulu going forward.

General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps share that Lulu will get a call of some sort during Wednesday's show. Will that be related to Laura or could it be from or about Dante? Unfortunately, the available teasers covering the next couple of weeks don't reveal anything specific about Dante coming up.

It looks like Dom's on-air return should start at some point in March and more detailed spoilers about what the storyline entails should emerge soon. General Hospital fans were thrilled to see the shot of Emme Rylan with Dominic Zamprogna again and can't wait to see some meaty action related to Dante and Lulu.

Will Dante and Lulu end up splitting as a way to explain his ongoing absence and to free up Lulu for a new romance? General Hospital spoilers with some hints about what's on the way should emerge soon and fans cannot wait for more information.