'Green Eggs & Ham' Trailer Sees Netflix Reimagine A Dr. Seuss Classic With An All-Star Cast

Another beloved Dr. Seuss classic is being brought to life for an animated adventure, Animation Magazine is reporting. This time around, however, Green Eggs & Ham will be a 13-episode series set to debut on Netflix this fall rather than a film. The show is being created by Jared Stern, who has proven himself in the animation genre -- he wrote the screenplays for The LEGO Ninjago Movie and LEGO Batman Movie and served as executive producer for Smallfoot and Storks. Also set to executive produce the series is Sam Register, Mike Karz, David Dobkin, Jeff Kleeman, and comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

According to the AV Club, the press release for the project is marketing the series as a "postmodern Plains, Trains and Automobiles." The story will follow Sam-I-Am, voiced by Adam DeVine, who rescues a creature called a "Chickeraffe" from the zoo and intends to smuggle it to freedom on his home island. He is later joined by Guy-I-Am, voiced by Michael Douglas, who is a grumpy failed inventor and is coming to terms with his new career as a paint watcher. We may get to see Guy's frown turn upside-down, however, when the pair encounter single mother Michellee, voiced by Diane Keaton.

Michellee's daughter EB -- voiced by Broad City's Ilana Glazer -- falls in love with the Chickeraffe and wants to keep it for herself. The group is also tailed by some villains -- Eddie Izzard, Jeffery Wright, Jillian Bell, and John Turturro. Izzard's character, Snerz, is said to be a "tiny, evil overlord" with "a passion for collecting rare, illegal animals." Wright and Bell will serve as "professional bad guys" McWinkle and Gluntz, while Turturro will be voicing a bounty hunter goat aptly named "Goat."

Rounding out the cast is Tracy Morgan, who plays a fox, and Daveed Diggs, who plays a mouse. Keegan Michael-Key will serve as narrator of the story. True to form, Michael-Key's narration will feature plenty of silly rhymes as the characters journey through Meepville. With such famous and funny names attached to the project, the series is sure to have plenty of laughs as well.

DeGeneres briefly mentioned the release of Green Eggs & Ham on her talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show during an interview with Keaton on February 19. The comedian tweeted a clip of the conversation accompanied by the rhyme, "Do you like green eggs and ham? I made it a TV show, because I can. I made it with my friend Diane."