‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Insists Reality Steve’s Spoilers Are Wrong, Gossip King Stands By His Teasers

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Viewers are anxious to see exactly what happens with Colton Underwood this season and Bachelor spoilers about what supposedly goes down have been pretty wild. Gossip king Reality Steve has revealed what he says took place, but now Colton has said that the gossip blogger has it wrong. It looks like Steve’s not rattled by this, but fans are definitely buzzing over it all.

As the Inquisitr has detailed, Reality Steve’s spoilers have teased that Colton turns everything upside down at the stage of the overnight fantasy suite dates and that what happens at this stage throws everything off for the remainder of the season. Underwood himself has acknowledged that the highly anticipated fence jump is tied to the fantasy suites and that he basically quit the show for a short time, and host Chris Harrison has teased that the ending this season is completely bananas.

Up to this point, Colton has kept things vague in terms of Bachelor spoilers about his season. He hasn’t confirmed whether or not he’s engaged and he hasn’t even said whether he’s with someone from his show or not. He teases that it’s going to be a wild ride and that something happens that’s never taken place before, but he hasn’t revealed specifics.

Now, Underwood has acknowledged the Bachelor spoilers coming from Reality Steve and he says they’re incorrect. Are viewers about to get another shocker like when the gossip guru’s spoilers were wrong during Desiree Hartsock’s season? Some fans still laugh about how they were watching during the last moments of the finale waiting for Brooks to jump out of the bushes as Chris started to propose.

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Reality Steve did get the spoilers of Desiree’s season wrong, and he’s since admitted that there were major red flags that he ignored. In fact, Desiree’s own brother had said that the spoilers were wrong and Reality Steve brushed the comment off. Could the same be happening with Underwood’s season?

On Tuesday, former Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe released a new episode of her Off the Vine podcast and Colton was her guest. The two talked for more than an hour about their respective experiences on their seasons and she jokingly tried to get Bachelor spoilers from him about the ending.

This is where Underwood made a comment that was clearly referencing Reality Steve and it got fans buzzing.

“I do take sort-of a sense of pride in, like… you know how there’s people who spoil the season, but the spoilers that are out there are wrong. So why would I slip up and confirm something that’s, like, already messed up?”

It didn’t take long for Reality Steve to catch wind of Colton’s comment and respond via Twitter. Clearly, Reality Steve isn’t feeling shaken by what Underwood said and isn’t worried that his spoilers are wrong.

Will Reality Steve learn something in the weeks to come that changes the Bachelor spoilers he’s already revealed? Is Colton Underwood bluffing or is there something wrong about the teasers floating around? Everybody is anxious to get to the finale and the “After the Final Rose” special so they can find out once and for all what happens and see whether or not the spoilers were accurate.