There’s Now A Tinder ‘Dating’ App For Cows Called Tudder

When social media began to take off a decade (or so) ago, it was only a matter of time before some insightful developer would mix the convenience and addictive nature of socializing online with a dating platform. There is a handful of dating apps on the market today, but arguably, the most famous and widespread is Tinder, which originally launched back in 2012.

Developed by Hatch Labs, the social search mobile app allows its users to match up with potential partners. Swiping left on a person’s profile dismisses them while swiping right shows one’s interest – if two people are interested in each other, they will be allowed to chat and meet up in the real world, should they choose to.

While Tinder specifically caters to humans looking for love, one must not forget that other animals need companionship as well, cows included. Luckily, the four-legged farm animals now have their own dedicated platform with which they can find true love: Tudder.

Unsurprisingly, Tudder requires a human to handle the controls, but the app works quite similarly to Tinder, ABC15 reports. Farmers can swipe right on a cow to confirm their interest, or swipe left to reject a cow. If a farmer swipes right, they will be redirected to an associated profile on Sell My Livestock.

The app was developed by Hectare Agritech, an agriculture technology company that also owns Sell My Livestock. The Tudder app launched just in time for Valentine’s Day and was first made available in the United Kingdom, representing over 40,000 animals. Tudder is available on both iOS and Android devices, and the company plans to expand to more countries in the near future.

Co-founder Jamie McInnes weighed in on the app and its launch.

“Finding the right match can be daunting for us humans, let alone if you’re a four-legged farm animal. Traditionally, playing moo-pid for cows would require proper grafting: visiting each herd of hopefuls at different farms, or at an auction market, all the while running the risk that the best cow on the market has simply slipped past you,” McInnes explained.

“Buying breeding cattle is now enabled by a huge amount of genetic data to create the perfect match. This is the equivalent to a human online dating profile, except it is validated in science rather than a self-proclaimed GSOH.”

As detailed on Sell My Livestock’s Twitter page, Tudder has been covered by a variety of outlets and television shows, including The Late Late Show with James Corden, the BBC, and Fox News.