February 17, 2019
McDonald's Puts Famous Shamrock Shake Back On Their Menu

St. Patrick's Day isn't here just yet, but McDonald's decided now was as good a time as ever to induce green fever in its customers.

Regular McDonald's patrons everywhere celebrated with excitement as the burger chain treated customers to an extra special Valentine's Day gift by announcing the return of the famous Shamrock Shake just a day prior.

"The minty moment you've been waiting for is finally here: the Shamrock Shake is back! Find one near you on our App," McDonald's penned in their announcement on Twitter.

The social media announcement included a short and flashy animated clip showcasing the St. Patrick's-themed shake. In just a few days, the food chain's 3.52 million Twitter followers showered the announcement with more than 3,400 likes.

The responses to the announcement in the comments of the tweet were a bit mixed. While some Twitter users gushed over it being one of their favorite seasonal McDonald's items, others complained that their local restaurants hadn't started selling them just yet. A few Twitter users even jested they'd rather have the McRib, which is another famous seasonal item on the burger chain's menu.

For those who are unfamiliar with this frozen treat, the Shamrock Shake is a light pastel green-colored vanilla milkshake mixed with a whimsical mint flavor. The shake is topped with a generous helping of whipped cream and a cherry. Much to the demise of its fans, it is only on the menu for a limited amount of time each year. Known as Shamrock Shake Season, the dates that the delicacy is back on the menu typically include the weeks surrounding St. Patrick's Day.

The shake has been a yearly tradition since its original insertion onto the menu back in 1970, Delish confirms. Over the years, the sweet treat has gained quite an impressive cult following, and many hard-core Shamrock Shake lovers beg the chain to make them a year-round item each year (as they do with just about any seasonal item on the menu).

While you can find the Shamrock Shake across the country, they are only available at participating McDonald's locations. The individual franchise stores are privately owned and some opt to not participate in certain promotions or have certain menu items, such as the Shamrock Shake.

If you are curious about where you can get one in your area, you can download the McDonald's app, which will give you the location of the nearest participating store.

According to PopSugar, the Shamrock Shake will be on the menu at McDonald's until around March 24, giving everyone just over a solid month to get their mint fix. After that, the fluffy green milkshake will disappear into the abyss until next year's Shamrock season.